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Baby Book Template: Making the Perfect Design

When you have a new baby born, it is, of course, for you to feel so happy, right? It will be a very special and celebrated event. To make it memorable well, it is very suggested for you to create such a baby book template. In making this kind of book template, you should make the book looks colorful and has a perfect look for the design. However, don’t feel confused about that! There will be available for you some different forms of this baby book. Just check them in this printable baby book template!

4 Forms of the Baby Book Template

In this kind of book template, you will see 4 template forms with different designs and backgrounds. Do you want to recognize them? Please give the best attention to this template free PSD!

  1. The template of customized baby photo album

The first sample baby book template applies a customized idea for the baby photo album. You need to know that this book template looks so colorful and attractive. The background uses a pink color so that it is suitable for baby girls. Then, you may add some cute photos of your baby and some main elements that support the completeness of this baby book. Those elements are the name of the baby, birth date, place, RSVP, message, and hope.

  1. The template of newborn baby photo cover

This second free template in PSD will show you the cover of your baby photo. It looks elegant because it is completed with a beautiful pattern also white and green background. To have this template, you can download and customize it in the format of PSD. Here, you can put your baby’s photo on a circle that is in the middle center of the template. Then, under the photo, don’t forget to write the complete name of your baby!

  1. The template of a baby board book

What about this free PSD template? Yea, you can download this book template in PSD format. It is available in dark red background and there is a white circle in the center of the template. At the edge of the circle, it allows you to add some images of small cute ducks. Then, there is also a white ribbon that is used to write the title of the template.

  1. The template of diary for newborn baby

On the other hand, this baby book template sample will show the diary for your baby. Exactly, it comes in baby blues and pinks also completed with polka dots and floral patterns. To make it look more interesting, just add the image of a funny doll on the diary book!

Great Ideas to Include in a Baby Book

If you want to write in this PSD template free, there are some great ideas that you can include in it. Please follow them in detail!

  1. Pregnancy photos

The first idea that you can include in this customizable PSD template is the photos of your pregnancy. It can be in various styles.

  1. Baby shower memories

Then, this idea contains some photos of the event of your baby shower.

  1. The birth story

This free download PSD template suggests you write the birth story of your baby. It also covers the photos of your new baby.

Here is the baby book template printable that you can make as a reference. Have a great apply!


Printable Baby Book Template Sample