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Baby Bottle Template: Getting the Attractive Design

Do you have a baby? If you do, it is, of course, for you to have a baby bottle. To make it look more interesting, it allows you to add the label design of the bottle. You can get the design in this baby bottle template. Here, you will also find a creative and high-quality baby bottle label design. Therefore, to attract others’ interest, you need to make the baby bottle in a unique and beautiful design. So, please follow this printable baby bottle template well!

baby bottle template in photoshop free download

4 Examples of the Baby Bottle Template

This kind of template will offer you 4 examples of the design that you can use for your baby bottle. What are they? Let’s find them in this template free PSD!

  1. The template of baby cartoon bottle sticker label

What do you know about the first sample baby bottle template? Based on the name, the label template of this baby bottle is decorated with a cartoon sticker. Here, you may use the image of a pink horse and a cute bear. Then, the background of the label is in yellow.

  1. The template of duck baby bottle label

In this second free PSD template, what can you find? Yea, if you see that a duck is a funny animal, this bottle template can be the perfect option for you. The background of this label template is yellow and there is a black circle to put the image of a small yellow duck. Moreover, you may also add some texts under the image.

  1. The template of prince boy water bottle label

How about this free template in PSD? Actually, this kind of bottle template is suitable for a baby boy. Why can it be like that? You can check first from the name of the template. Besides, there is writing on the black background label template that shows ‘a little prince’. It looks so simple because there is no decoration on the label. It is just yellow writing on the black background label.

  1. The template of baby bottle removable label

Furthermore, the other baby bottle template sample is appropriate for a baby girl. The reason is that the background of this label template applies pink color. To make it more beautiful to see, you may add the image of a funny cat. In addition, under the image, don’t forget to write the name of your baby and date!

baby bottle template in photoshop

Main Factors to Design the Baby Bottle Label

When you are designing the bottle label of your baby, you need to remember that there are some important factors to do. Are you curious about the factors? Here they are in the PSD template free.

  1. Make it short

The first factor that you have to follow in this free download PSD is making the writing on the label short. So, please clearly make everything!

  1. Add any images

To attract your baby’s interest, what should you do in this customizable PSD template? Yea, it allows for you to add any images and pictures that are suitable for kids. It can be animated baby pictures, flowers, animals, and others.

baby bottle template in psd design

That is the resume of the baby bottle template printable. Have a nice apply!

baby bottle template psd template free

Baby Bottle Template Sample

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