10+ Printable Baby Dedication Certificate Template

Baby Dedication Certificate Template: Designing the Form Nicely

Do you need to make a baby dedication certificate template? If you need it, just make the certificate as soon as possible. Commonly, the parents of the baby want to commemorate the willpower so that they will create this kind of certificate template. Then, to make the template, it is, of course, for you to recognize more about the format of this certificate template. However, don’t worry about that! This printable baby dedication certificate template will help you to provide some types of this certificate template.

baby dedication certificate in word free download

5 Primary Types of the Baby Dedication Certificate Template

Here, you have to know that this free template in PSD has 5 template types that are usually used by many parents. What are they? Let’s check for the types below!

  1. The template of child dedication

For the first sample baby dedication certificate template, you can download this template for free in the format of PDF. Then, what are the included elements in this certificate template? There will be the certificate title, the full name of the father, the full name of the mother, full name of the child, birth date, and birthplace.

  1. The template of baby dedication

Then, what can you define with this template free PSD? Actually, this kind of certificate template is also available in PDF form. For the main components, there is the child’s name, date of birth, sex, other siblings, mother’s and father’s name, address, and phone number. There are also spiritual authority and parents’ status.

  1. The template of free printable baby dedication

Furthermore, it allows you to download this free PSD template in the form of a PDF. The background of this template is white and at the edge of the template, there is a floral decoration that looks colorful. So, it is still interesting to see. Then, the important aspects that you have to write in this certificate template are the title, baby’s name, date and time, and location. Besides, it is also needed for you to include the signature of mother, father, and officiant.

baby dedication certificate template for word

  1. The template of free baby dedication certificate

If you want to make the certificate template looks gorgeous, it is the best option for you to use this customizable PSD template. Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because this template applies the background of the blue beautiful scenery. To write this dedication certificate, you should include the components of the title, baby’s name, date, location, parent or guardian, and pastor.

  1. The template of baby dedication certificate in InDesign

The last baby dedication certificate template sample will tell this certificate in a white background and grey frame. Exactly, it contains the components of the title, baby’s name, date, location, and signature of the father, mother, and priest.

baby dedication certificate in word

Important Elements to Include in the Template of Baby Dedication Certificate

When you want to make this PSD template free, you need to include some following elements. Here they are.

  1. Name of the baby

The first element that you have to write is the name of the baby.

  1. Name of the church

Then, the other element in this free download PSD template is the name of the church.

  1. Parents’ name

Here, just state the parents’ name of the baby! Don’t forget to write the name of the pastor from the church!

baby dedication certificate template free word

That’s all about the baby dedication certificate template printable. Get the samples here!

baby dedication certificate word template free

Printable Baby Dedication Certificate Template Sample

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