10+ Printable Baby Shower Card in psd photoshop

Baby Shower Card Template: Choosing the Preferred Design

Hi good parents! Do you want to celebrate your newborn baby birth? If you do, it is suggested for you to make a baby shower card template. Actually, you can use this template to invite your family members, relatives, and friends to come to the party. Then, to make this kind of card template, you need to make it as interesting as you can. So, to get it, you should check for the examples of this printable baby shower card template in the information below.

baby shower card template in photoshop

4 Top Examples of the Baby Shower Card Template

This kind of card template will help you to show 4 examples of the baby shower card. Do you want to recognize them soon? Let’s check them one by one in this template free PSD!

  1. The template of flower baby shower invitation

In the first sample baby shower card template, what can you define? According to the name, this card template is decorated with some beautiful pink flowers. Then, the background of this template is in white. For the main elements, there will be the title, receiver’s name, date, time, location, and phone number.

  1. The card template of owl baby shower invitation

Then, what about this second free template in PSD? It is, of course, that you will see a pair of owl image on the top left side of the card template. Besides, it applies a white color for the background and grey lines for the template frame. Moreover, for the components, this card contains the title, receiver’s name, day and date, time, location, and some notes.

baby shower card template in psd design

  1. The card design of 3 baby shower invitation

The other free PSD template will show you 3 templates to design a baby shower card. You have to know that this card template is embellished with different text and color patterns. The left side uses a pink background and Tosca frame. The middle one uses a white background. And, the right side uses a white background and a pink frame. Then, it consists of some important elements like the title, date, time, RSVP, and location. There are also some decorations such as pink ribbon and yellow flowers.

  1. The template of butterfly baby shower invitation

How about the fourth baby shower card template sample? In this baby shower card, you will see that there are the decorations of some colorful butterflies, green leaves, and flowers. They are on the top left side and bottom right side of the card. In addition, the elements that you need to write are the title, receiver’s name, date, time, location, RSVP, phone number, and email. All of them are written on a white background.

baby shower card template psd template free

Steps of How to Make Baby Shower Invitations for Free

Here are the steps that you should do to make this PSD template free. Follow them well!

  1. Pick the right size

First, you need to choose the size of the invitation that fits social media.

  1. Select a theme

Then, just choose a theme that you want to apply in this customizable PSD template!

  1. Choose an image

Here, it allows you to choose an image that is related to the theme.

  1. Share the invitation

The last step to make this free download PSD is sharing the invitation card with the guests.

baby shower card template template for photoshop

That is the resume of the baby shower card template printable. Please understand it nicely!

baby shower card template template free psd

Printable Baby Shower Card Template Sample

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