10+ Printable Background Check Template

Background Check Template: Available Various Forms You Can Choose

Are you looking for the background check template? It is surely like that, especially for a person who works in Human Resources. In this case, you have to know how important it is to find the right candidates for each position. Besides, they also have to do a proper background check to verify an applicant’s qualifications. So, to get more information about that, you can check for some examples of the printable background check template below.

background check template in word design

5 Main Examples of the Background Check Template

In this kind of check template, you will see some examples of the templates that are mainly used. What are they? Here are the available examples in this template free PSD.

  1. The authorization form of employee background check

The first sample background check template is about employee and volunteer background check authorization. This form template contains some important elements like the title, name, birth date, present address, past address, telephone, and driver’s license. Besides, there are also notice to all applicants, applicant signature, and date.

  1. The form template of restaurant background check information

Next, the second free PSD template will show you about restaurant background check information. What about this form template? The included components in this background check are the title, date, notification to the restaurant, authorization by the restaurant, and identification purposes. In addition, the others are the owner’s name of the restaurant, the date of the restaurant business operations, and the type of restaurant partnership. There are also services offer and restaurant training certificates.

  1. The authorization form of criminal background check

Then, the other free template in PSD tells the criminal background check. Actually, what does it look like? Yea, it consists of the title, name, current address, phone number, email address, social security, date of birth, driver’s license, signature, and date.

background check template free word template

  1. The authorization form of volunteer background check

How about this background check template sample? Yea, this volunteer background check authorization has the significant aspects that you have to write in this check template. So, what are the aspects? Those are the title, name, former name and date used, current address, previous address, social security number, and telephone number. Then, you will also find the driver’s license number and date of birth.

  1. The authorization form of rental background check

In the last customizable PSD template, you can know that this background check is available in the format of PDF. There will be the essential components in this template such as the title, name, driver’s license, spouse, phone, present address, and applicant. In addition, the others are authorization of release of information, non-refundable application fee, applicant’s signature, spouse’s signature, other’s signature, and date.

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Important Elements in a Background Check

To make this PSD template free, you need to include some important elements. Do you want to recognize them? Let’s check in detail!

  1. Full name

The first element that you have to write is your full name.

  1. Social security number

Then, it is also needed for you to state the social security number you have.

  1. Date of birth

Last, it is suggested for you to add the date of birth of the employee in this free download PSD.

background check template example word design

Well, it is the resume of the background check template printable that you can recognize. Learn it nicely!


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Printable Background Check Template Sample

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