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Backstage Pass Template: Make a Backstage Pass Instantly

A backstage pass template is commonly used by many guests to enjoy the accommodation at certain events. Exactly, you need to recognize that you can also a backstage pass as a VIP ticket. Hence, they have to present this kind of ticket that is usually pricier than regular ones. In the information below, you can get some samples of the printable backstage pass template. Don’t wait for a long time to check for those samples in the free PSD template!

backstage pass template free psd template

3 Top Samples of the Backstage Pass Template

There will be available for you some samples of this backstage pass that you may apply. Do you want to recognize them? Here are the samples in this template free PSD.

  1. The format template of modern style VIP ticket

In the first sample backstage pass template, you will see that this ticket template uses a purple background. It also combines a pink color for the writing. Then, the important elements that you have to include are such as the title, name of the event, day and date, time, and sponsor. There are also name, address, phone, and email.

  1. The format of the stylish VIP golden ticket

What about this second free template in PSD? Based on the name, it looks so stylish and elegant. It is because it applies a golden color for the right side background. On the left side, you may add the decoration of yellow-golden flowers. For the components, there is the title, name of the event, day and date, time, and a ticket number.

  1. The template of live event VIP ticket

The other backstage pass template sample tells about live performance events. It uses a yellow background and a black one for putting the photo of the artist. If you write this customizable PSD template, you should add some main aspects. Those are the title, event name, day and date, time, ticket number, and ticket price.

backstage pass template in photoshop free download

What Details to Include in this Template

After you download this PSD template free, you will get a few details provided in it. These are a few details you can write in your backstage pass.

  1. Name of the event

First, you can write the name of the event. In this matter, your guests will know the kind of event they will join. You can write, for example, concert, festival, or other events that you will hold. Just write the event’s name at the top of the backstage pass.

  1. Kind of backstage pass

After you write the name of the event, you can mention the kind of backstage pass that the guests buy. In this segment, you can write VIP, VVIP, or other kinds of backstage passes. Thus, the guest can recognize the kind of pass they have.

  1. Time of event

This backstage pass will be more complete when you also include the time of the event. In this matter, this free download PSD should have detailed time, date, month, and year. As a result, your guests can follow the event at the right time.

  1. Bar code

When there is a few more information for the guest that you cannot include in the backstage pass, you can provide a bar code. Thus, the guests can scan it to see more information about the event.

backstage pass template free download psd

Well, that is all about the backstage pass template printable to share with you. Whenever you need to make a backstage pass, just get the sample of this template in PSD for free.


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Printable Backstage Pass Template Sample

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