10+ Printable Bakery Menu example psd design

Bakery Menu Template: Show the Perfect Points

Hello great businessmen! Do you have a business in a bakery? If it is so, you have to create such a bakery menu template. Actually, this kind of menu template will help you to show the various menus that you offer. Then, you have to recognize that the presentation is one of the keys to a successful bakery. So, if you want to get more information about this printable bakery menu template, please pay attention to these types below!

bakery menu template in photoshop

5 Main Types of the Bakery Menu Template

This bakery menu will tell you some main types that are completed with a variety of designs. Let’s check them in the template free PSD!

  1. The template of the free bakery menu

In this sample bakery menu template, you will know that it is available in the format of PDF. For the background, it looks so simple because this template applies a white and black one. Then, the important components in this bakery menu are such as the kinds of pastries, cakes and pies, also specialty cakes. Each menu is completed with the price.

  1. The template of the bakery menu

What about this second free download PSD template? Yea, you can download this menu template in PDF format. The background of this template is also in white. When you use this template, you need to include the title, name of the cafe, bakery cafe hours, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, coffee, and tea.

  1. The template of bakery trifold cake menu

For this free template in PSD, you can find this menu template in the form of EPS. It is colorful to see because the background of this trifold template combines some nice colors like light pink, dark pink, and Tosca. In addition, this template covers the title, name of the cake shop, address, phone number, kinds of cheese cake, and kinds of sweet cake. Then, to make this bakery menu looks more amazing, please add the images of some delicious cake examples.

bakery menu template in psd design

  1. The format template of the bakery menu

The other bakery menu template sample is provided in EPS format. For this menu template, you will know that it looks so stylish. It is because the template applies a dark red background. Moreover, it consists of the title, kinds of cake, sweet, pastry, donut, and best buy cake images.

  1. The template of bakery menu flyer

Then, the last customizable PSD template has the format of al illustrator. You should recognize that this menu looks so beautiful. Exactly, it uses dark brown for putting the name of the cake shop and light brown for the background. It contains the important elements of the name of the cake shop, kinds of bread and drinks, and the image sample of the recommended cakes.

bakery menu template psd template free

Steps to Create a Bakery Menu

If you need to create this free PSD template, there are 2 easy steps that you have to follow. Just see them here!

  1. Find a template

Finding a template is the first step that you should do to make a bakery menu.

  1. Edit the template

Then, the second step in this PSD template free is editing the template. Here, you can add the image, a logo of the company, edit the text, and change the colors.

bakery menu template template for photoshop

Well, this bakery menu template printable will be beneficial for you who need it. Just understand it nicely!

bakery menu template template free psd

Printable Bakery Menu Template Sample

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