10+ Printable Balanced Scorecard Excel Template

Balanced Scorecard Excel Template: Recording the Score Data Properly

Welcome to the balanced scorecard excel template! You have to know that a scorecard is commonly used to record the scores of any kind of sport. To make the scorecard looks attractive, it is very suggested for you to design the overall layout of the scorecard nicely. However, how can you do that? Yea, there will be some kinds of balanced scorecard Excel form that you can choose. You can find them in this printable balanced scorecard excel template.

balanced scorecard excel template in word design

5 Kinds of the Balanced Scorecard Excel Template

This scorecard template will offer you some kinds of designs that you may apply. Do you want to recognize them? Just check in this template free PSD!

  1. The template of the BFSR scorecard

In this sample balanced scorecard excel template, you will see that there are some important elements. When you use this scorecard template, it is needed for you to include the bank name, country name, qualitative factors, and Franchise value. Besides, there are also risk positioning, regulatory environment, operating environment, profitability, liquidity, capital adequacy, efficiency, and asset quality.

  1. The template of sustainable design scorecard

What about the second free template in PSD? Exactly, it will tell you about the proposed sustainable design features. The main components in this scorecard are such as the title, project name, environmental issue, sustainable design commitments, and score. The other ones are specifications or conditions, and further information.

  1. The template of the project scoreboard

Then, the other customizable PSD template will show you the project scorecard matrix. In this scorecard template, you can find the significant aspects that you should write. What are they? Yea, the aspects are such as the title, perspective, objective, measure, target, prior, and initiative. Besides, you will also see the aspects of financial, customer, internal process, and learning and growth.

balanced scorecard excel template in word free download

  1. The template of the balanced scorecard

Furthermore, the next balanced scorecard excel template sample tells the balanced scorecard project measurement summary. This template contains the title, attribute, update frequency, degree of reliability, sets an objective, and ability to benchmark. Then, the other elements are the financial, customer, and internal.

  1. The template of vendor scorecard

How about the last free PSD template? You can know that it is about the evaluation component of the vendor scoreboard. There will be the title, vendor background criteria, and software name. The vendor background criteria can contain company background, leadership vision, client base, the stability of the product line, and others.

balanced scorecard excel template free word template

Main Benefits of Using a Scorecard Excel Template

If you use this PSD template free, you will get some main benefits from it. Do you want to recognize them more? Let’s check in detail!

  1. Easy to use

The first benefit that you can get from using this scorecard template is that this template comes in an easy format. It means that you can use this template easily. Besides, you can formulate and organize the data in the form of columns.

  1. Editable

Then, the second benefit from using this free download PSD template is that fully editable and customizable. Here, you may customize the element on the sample template.

balanced scorecard excel template free download word

That is the review of the balanced scorecard excel template printable. Just apply it well!


balanced scorecard excel template example word design

Printable Balanced Scorecard Excel Template Sample

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