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Band Flyer Template: Designing the Flyer using the Stylish Model

Hello creative men! Do you have a group band with your close friends? If you do, you can make such a band flyer template to tell your band performances. By making this kind of flyer template, you can make sure that everyone knows about your next show or performance. Don’t be hesitate to make this template! It is because this printable band flyer template is classified into the customizable template that you can use it easily. Besides, you may also edit the elements in this flyer template. Therefore, please pay attention to the following types!

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4 Types of the Band Flyer Template

This band flyer offers 4 types of the template in the information below. You can check them in this free PSD template for the detailed information.

  1. The flyer template of band event

What can you infer with the first sample band flyer template? You need to know that this flyer template uses nice background. It combines a red and an orange color that shows a beautiful gradation. Then, the important elements that you have to include in this flyer template are the event name, date, start time, and location. There are also band name, website, ticket price, and contact number.

  1. The flyer template of rock band

In the second customizable PSD template, you will see that it is suitable for a rock band. The background of this flyer is in black with a yellow writing. On the top side of the flyer, you may add the photo of your band group member. Then, it is followed by the name of event, location, date, time, ticket price, phone number, and website.

band flyer template in design

  1. The flyer template of PSD concert music band

How about this free template in PSD? In this case, you can download this flyer template in the format of PSD. It looks so colorful because the background combines some nice colors like black, pink, white, orange, red, yellow, and purple. There is a picture sample of a band who is performing. Moreover, the included components of this template are the event name, day and date, time, location, ticket price, special performances, and phone number.

  1. The flyer template of free rock band

Furthermore, the other band flyer template sample is using the theme of free rock band. You have to know that this flyer template is elegant and stylish to see. The reason is that the background of the template uses black, orange, and light star. Moreover, the main aspects in this template are the event name, date, time, location, name of band, name of DJ, and sponsor.

band flyer template free template

Simple steps to Create a Band Flyer

There will be some easy steps that you can do to create this template free PSD. Let’s find them here!

  1. Choose the template

The first step is choosing the band flyer template in this PSD template free that you want to use.

  1. Edit the text

Then, you can edit the text of this template. Here, you may also add your personal message.

  1. Add the images

The next step in this free download PSD template is adding your images to the design.

  1. Save the design

It means that you should save the design that you have created.

band flyer template free templates

It is the information of the band flyer template printable that you can recognize more. Have a nice try!


band flyer template in free download

Printable Band Flyer Template Sample

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