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Band Press Kit Template: Various Examples You Can Select

Hi great readers! What do you know about a band press kit template? You need to recognize that this template is such a part of the business website. Actually, it contains information and resources for publishers and reporters. By knowing the printable band press kit template examples, it will make the public can learn about the products or brand easily. Thus, to get more information about the examples of this template, you can check them in the information below.

band press kit template in photoshop

4 Top Examples of the Band Press Kit Template

This kind of press kit template will offer some template examples that are mainly used. Do you want to get them? Here are the examples in the free PSD template.

  1. The template of the artist electronic press kit

In the first sample band press kit template, you will see that it tells about the artist’s electronic press kit. On the top side, you may add a photo of your band group. Then, it is followed by a column that contains some main elements in the template. Those elements are the title, artist performer details, management contacts, band name, band description, genre, performers, band bio, and quick link video.

  1. The template of an electronic press kit

This second free template in PSD will show you the electronic press kit in a cream background. In this template, you can know the important features that you have to include. What are they? Yea, the components are such as the title, band bio, video, and photos. For the video and photos, you can add the best ones in this template.

  1. The template of electric roots music

What can you infer with this band press kit template sample? Yea, it uses a black color for the background. Then, because it is the personal electric roots music, it allows you to add photos of your personal live show. It can be in a big size. Moreover, the significant aspects of this template are the title, artist’s name, short bio, his background, notable, booking inquiries, phone, and email.

band press kit template in psd design

  1. The template of a press kit

How about the last template free PSD? It will show you the photo of the artist. Then, the other elements in this press kit template are the artist’s name, position, and kinds of a sponsor.

Main Structures of the Press Kit Template

If you want to make this customizable PSD template, you have to pay attention to the following structures. Here are the structures that you should include.

  1. Cover

Please make an attractive cover to create a great first impression for this PSD template free! Here, you may add the best photo that you have.

  1. Basic information

This structure includes the director’s name and any other technical information like the camera used, export format, and others.

  1. Bio

What does it mean? It means that this section in the free download PSD template contains the biography of the directors. It will be highly recommended if you also add a photograph.

  1. Director’s statement

Then, the other structure is about the personal statement of the director. It contains the statement of why he made the film.

band press kit template psd template free

That is the reference of the band press kit template printable that you can know. Make it nicely!

band press kit template template for photoshop

Printable Band Press Kit Template Sample

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