10+ Printable Bank Ledger Template

Bank Ledger Template: Calculate Customer’s Money in Their Account

A bank must provide a bank ledger for each customer. It is useful to calculate their total amount of money the customers have in their bank account. Whenever you need a template of a bank ledger, you can go to PSD. There are various samples of bank ledger template you can download freely. You do not need to spend any cost to get this PSD template free. Then, you need to know that this sample bank ledger template is available in a few versions. This condition allows you to customize the template according to your needs.

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Details to Include in Bank Ledger Template

From this template, there are 7 details that you should include to make your bank ledger standardized. Are you curious about them? Here they are.

  1. Check the number

First, every bank account will get a check number every time the customer makes a deposit or withdrawal. That is why this detail should be provided in every bank ledger, including this free PSD template. This detail usually appears in the first column of the table.

  1. Date

The second detail that must be included in this example PSD design template is the date. You must know that date can remind someone when they make a transaction. This matter can also keep the record of every customer’s transaction. So, there should be a date in any bank ledgers you provide.

  1. Description of transaction

To know and remember the kind of transaction every customer made, a bank ledger should provide a space to write it. That is why this bank ledger template sample contains this detail. When the customer makes a bank transfer, apartment rental, and other matters, it will be recorded in the bank ledger.

bank ledger template template for word

  1. Amount in

When the customer makes a deposit in any amount, it should be recorded in the bank ledger. This part is useful to keep the record of every amount in.

  1. Amount out

In some cases, a customer certainly needs to spend money on certain businesses. When they withdraw money from the bank, the amounts will be recorded in a bank ledger. The detail of this template free PSD will save such a record.

  1. Fee

When customers make so many deposits, there will be a few fees they get. This record will be saved in their bank ledger.

  1. Balance

Balance is the total amount of money that the customers have in their bank account. So, this printable bank ledger template contains this detail to write information about their balance.

bank ledger template template free word

How Can You Write a Ledger Account?

Besides using this free template in PSD, you can also write a bank ledger yourself. How to make it happen? See the following ways.

  1. Drawing

First, you can start this process by getting your pen and also paper. Then, just start drawing a form.

  1. Posting

After you finish drawing, you can post transactions. Post them that exist in the journal to the respective ledger account.

  1. Folioing

In this step, you need to put every page number. Do it for the journal entry that exists in the folio column.

  1. Casting

This step lets you separate both credit and debit accounts.

  1. Balancing

What to do in this fifth step? Yes, you can find the credit and debit balance of someone’s account. It will be easily done by looking for the difference between both matters.

bank ledger template in word

Well, that is all you need to know about bank ledger template printable. If you need more samples of this free download PSD any time, just visit PSD and download them.


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Printable Bank Ledger Template Sample

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bank ledger template free word template

bank ledger template in word design


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