10+ Printable Banking Resume Template

Banking Resume Template: Make a Professional Resume

Hi great readers! Are you looking for a job that is related to banking? If you are, you have to make a banking resume to apply for the job. Yea, in this banking resume template, you should know some important elements or features that you have to include. It is because you can make a professional resume for a banking job. To get the types of this resume template, it is suggested for you to pay attention to this printable banking resume template.

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5 Types of the Banking Resume Template

In the resume template of banking, 5 template types are commonly created. Those types will be available in this free PSD template.

  1. The resume template of banking experience

The first sample banking resume template has the important aspects that you have to include when you write this resume. So, what are the aspects? There will be the applicant’s name, address, phone number, email, career objective, a summary of skills, and work experience.

  1. The resume template of an investment banking analyst

Here, you will see that this resume of free template in PSD is suitable for everyone who wants to be a banking analyst. If you make this kind of resume, you need to write some important elements. Those are the full name, address, phone number, email, education, undergraduate school, professional experience, and leadership and activities. For the professional experience, it shows the name of the company and position.

  1. The resume template of entry-level investment banking

How about this template free PSD? Actually, it will show you the sample entry level banking resume template. Then, it contains the essential components of the title, name, residential address, phone number, email, and current employment status. Besides, there are also career objectives, educational background, and computer skills.

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  1. The resume template of banking assistant manager

In this banking resume template sample, there are significant elements that you have to include in this resume. Do you want to know them? Yea, the elements are the applicant’s name, complete address, phone number, email, career objective, profile, and professional experience.

  1. The resume template of retail banking operations

Then, what about the last customizable PSD template? Exactly, it will tell the applicant’s name, complete address, phone number, email, objective, skills summary, professional education, professional experience, and job profiles.

banking resume template template free word

Best Tips to Write a Good Resume

If you want to write the template of a good resume, you can do the following tips. What are they? Let’s check for the tips in the PSD template free!

  1. Choose the format

The first tip that you should do is choosing the right resume format.

  1. Add the detailed information

Then, don’t forget to add detailed information to this resume! It contains contact information and personal details.

  1. Write the heading

The other tip is that you can start to write a heading statement. It can be a resume summary or resume objective.

  1. List the work experience

Here, please make a list of the work experience that you have and also your achievements!

  1. State the education

Don’t forget to list your educational background in this free download PSD!

  1. Add the skills

It means that you can add your relevant skills that fit the job.

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Those are a good source of the banking resume template printable. Have a nice try!


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Printable Banking Resume Template Sample

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banking resume template free word template

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