10+ Printable Banquet Invitation Template

Banquet Invitation Template: Inviting Guests Attractively

What do you know about a banquet invitation template? Yea, it is such a template that is commonly used to invite guests to a formal event or gathering. People who held this event is usually during the evening. Furthermore, this printable banquet invitation template tells you that a banquet event is held to celebrate a memorable event in a person’s life. Therefore, if you want to make this kind of invitation, please follow the types of the template below!

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5 Types of the Banquet Invitation Template

In this invitation template, you can find the types that are mainly used by many people. What are they? Let’s heck for the types in this template free PSD!

  1. The invitation template of the Christmas banquet

What can you infer with the first sample banquet invitation template? Actually, this invitation template is used to celebrate Christmas and invite some closed guests. It uses a dark red background and is decorated with some small colorful circles. You may also add a red ribbon at the bottom side of the template. Then, for the elements, it contains the event title, short information, day and date, time, and location.

  1. The invitation template of an elegant banquet

For the second invitation template, what is the possible description you have? According to the name, this free template in PSD is so elegant to see. It is because the background of this template combines two nice colors. They are red and yellow. Then, the main components that you need to write in this invitation are the event title, day and date, time, and location. Besides, the other components are the dress code and RSVP.

banquet invitation template in word

  1. The invitation template of the mother’s day banquet

How about this customizable PSD template? It is, of course, that this invitation is created to celebrate mother’s day. For the background, it uses a white color. On the top left side and bottom right side, there is a beautiful decoration of pink flowers. Then, what are the included components in this invitation template? Yea, there will be the event title, invitation sentence, day and date, time, and location.

  1. The invitation template of a simple banquet

The other banquet invitation template sample will tell you about an annual harvest banquet. The background of this invitation template is purple and light brown. For this simple invitation, you just include the main aspects here. Those aspects are the event title, day and date, time, location, admission, and tristique.

banquet invitation template template free word

Main Elements in the Template of Banquet Invitation

When you make this free PSD template, please remember that you need to write some main elements in it. What are they? Just follow the elements in detail!

  1. Hosts name

Here, you need to write the names of the hosts.

  1. Invitee name

The second element in this PSD template free is the name of the invitee. Don’t forget to write it in a formal invitation or letter!

  1. Formal phrase

In this case, just write the formal phrase of invitation!

  1. Date and time

Then, the other element that you have to include in this free download PSD template is the date and time of the event. Write also the venue for the event!

  1. Reason

The last one is the reason. It means that adding the reason for the invitation.

banquet invitation template word template free

That is the reference of the banquet invitation template printable. Make it beautifully!

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Printable Banquet Invitation Template Sample

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