10+ Printable Banquet Seating Chart Template

Banquet Seating Chart Template: Organize the Seating Properly

A banquet seating chart template is a template that can help you to manage the seating placements for the guests. It is usually used for wedding receptions. So, by making this template, you can keep track of the placements at the tables at the wedding venue. Besides, you can also have organized data. In this printable banquet seating chart template, it allows you to find some kinds of seating chart template. Therefore, let’s check them one by one!

Banquet Seating Chart Template template for word

4 Main Kinds of the Banquet Seating Chart Template

This seating chart template will provide 4 kinds of the template that you may choose. Do you want to get them? Here are the kinds in this free PSD template.

  1. The template of table seating chart for 20 members

Here, you can find the first sample banquet seating chart template in the format of PDF. Based on the name, this table seating chart is appropriate for 20 guests. The placement of this chart template is that on the right side is for 10 groom guests. Then, on the left side, you can set the seating for 10 bride guests. For the other elements, there will be the name, date, guest count, and seating instructions. In addition, there is also a dance floor that is between the bride guests and groom guests.

  1. The template of the periodic table seating chart

What about this free template in PSD? Actually, it looks like a periodic table of the elements. In this kind of seating chart template, you will see a row and a column. A row of elements is called a period. And, a column of elements is called a group of family. Then, you may create the seating chart using a light blue background.

Banquet Seating Chart Template template free word

  1. The template of rectangular table seating chart example

The next banquet seating chart template sample will show you the position where the tables will be arranged including the top table. You need to recognize that this simple seating chart tells the table positions to the guests easily. On the right side of the template, you can place the top table. Then, on the left side, it is for table 1 until table 6. Here, you can arrange the position of table 1 and table 2 from the top side. After that, it is followed by table 3 and table 4 also table 5 and table 6 to the bottom side.

  1. The template of head table seating chart example

Furthermore, this last customizable PSD template is also available in the form of PDF. Exactly, this seating chart is divided into two major divisions. The first division is for people who will seat in the top tier. Then, the second one is for people in the lower tier. Moreover, the other components are the title, name, and reception date.

Banquet Seating Chart Template customizable word design template

Tips to Create a Wedding Seating Chart

If you need to make a seating chart for a wedding, you should do the following tips. Let’s check them in this template free PSD!

  1. Get the floor plan

The first tip in this PSD template free is getting the floor plan. It means the full layout with details like space, electric outlet locations, and bathrooms.

  1. Choose table shapes and sizes

In this free download PSD, please have a realistic number for how many people can comfortably sit at each table!

Banquet Seating Chart Template example word design

That is the resume of the banquet seating chart template printable. Hopefully, it can be useful for you.

Banquet Seating Chart Template word template free

Printable Banquet Seating Chart Template Sample

Banquet Seating Chart Template free download word

Banquet Seating Chart Template free word template

Banquet Seating Chart Template in word design

Banquet Seating Chart Template in word free download

Banquet Seating Chart Template in word




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