10+ Printable Baptism Certificate Template

Baptism Certificate Template: Making a Great Certificate Form

Before knowing more about the baptism certificate template, you need to know first that certificates are very important to use. It is usually used to mark significant milestones in a person’s life. Actually, it can be an award, an accomplishment, or another important event marking. Well, in the following information, you can find some collections of the printable baptism certificate template. To get more information about that, please give your best attention to them!

baptism certificate template in word free download

5 Types of the Baptism Certificate Template

This kind of certificate template will offer 5 types of the template collection. If you want to recognize them more, just see them in this template free PSD!

  1. The certificate template of vintage baptism

In this free PSD template, you can know that it tells about the holy sacrament of baptism. There will be some components that you have to write in this certificate. They are the title, given name, parents’ given name, address, date, church name, church address, priest, and sponsor.

  1. The certificate sample of blank baptism

The second sample baptism certificate template has the main elements that you need to include. What are they? Yea, those elements are such as the title, person’s name, short note, location, day and date, time, and baptism performed by.

  1. The certificate template of infant baptism

In addition, the other free template in PSD will show you the sacrament of infant baptism. Then, this certificate consists of the title, signature of godmother, member name, and church address. Besides the other elements are the name of the child, name of parents, address of parents, parents’ phone number, affirmations list, and date.

baptism certificate template in word

  1. The certificate template of sunflower baptism

How about this baptism certificate template sample? According to the name, you can find the image of a nice yellow sunflower. It is on the top left side and bottom right side of the certificate. Even though the background of this certificate template is in white, it still looks beautiful because of the decoration. Moreover, the included aspects in this certificate are such as the name of the church, the logo of the church, the title, the person’s name, and a short note. Don’t forget to add the signatures of the church minister and pastor at the bottom side!

  1. The certificate template of editable baptism

The last customizable PSD template looks so simple because it uses a white background and black writing. To make this certificate, please write some following components. Those components are the title, person’s name, birth date, baptized day and date, church’s name, address of the church, signature, and date of issue.

baptism certificate template template for word

Important Features to Include in the Certificate Template of Baptism

If you are preparing a baptism certificate, please take a look at the following features! Here they are in the PSD template free!

  1. Child’s name

The first point is about writing the name of the child.

  1. Birthdate

Then, don’t forget to add the date and time of the birth of the child!

  1. Church’s name

It is also important to write the name of the church in this free download PSD. Please add the date on which the child is baptized!

  1. Signature

In this case, just make available space for adding the signature of the church authority along with the date!

baptism certificate template template free word

Here is the source of the baptism certificate template printable. Understand it better!

baptism certificate template word template free

Printable Baptism Certificate Template Sample

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