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Creating Timesheets Using Basic Monthly Timesheet Template

Timesheet is commonly found in offices. Are you a newcomer and don’t have any idea what it is? Don’t worry, this article will explain it as well as explaining the importance to use basic monthly timesheet template to make your timesheet.

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What is a Timesheet?

Timesheet is mainly a table, in which someone acts as employer uses to track the time someone as employee has worked within a certain length of time. Oftentimes, businesses also use timesheet to record time already spent to do tasks or projects. This will include counting the time spent on handling clients.

One of the mostly made timesheet is monthly timesheet. With this kind of timesheet, people usually take the easy way out to make one, using basic monthly timesheet template. As the time advances, printed timesheet with tabular format turns to a more sophisticated way, such as using a spreadsheet.

Why is Timesheet Important?

Why is making timesheet important? Below are some reasons why having timesheet is important.

  • Timesheets let employers to track the working efficiency of a specific employee.
  • To know the employee’s efficiency, employers can obtain the data from timesheets, and then compare the total time employees have worked for the project with the output/result.
  • At the end, timesheets help to spot whoever performs poorly. Therefore, the company will be able to determine what further steps should be taken.

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How Do You Create a Timesheet?

To make timesheets, it is very easy. Just turn on your computer, and have an application chosen from this list:

  • Word-processing application. This application is very versatile and can be used in order to make timesheets as well. However, as it is commonly used to deal with words and paragraphs, making tables are a bit tricky and can take a lot of time; especially if your tables are complicated.
  • Spreadsheet application. With its built-in tables, using spreadsheet applications will make you feel at ease while making timesheets. All you have to do is to customize it as per your preferences. However, not everyone is accustomed to this kind of app. Hence if you are that kind of person, using a template will probably help.

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What Should Be Included in a Timesheet?

Typically, a timesheet will have this information written in its columns:

  • Employee’s identity
  • The period of payment (usually known as month)
  • Day and date worked
  • Start and end time of work
  • Lunch start and lunch end (optional)

Aside from that, you can have the information of pay rate in the timesheet as well. The pay rate information usually will also include both normal rate and overtime rate.

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How to Create a Timesheet?

If you have loads of time, then creating timesheets can be done all by yourself. To make it, then you can do these steps:

  • Plan your timesheet first. Note some important aspects you may need to input to your timesheet. Or, if there is a certain rule about that, sticking to it is best.
  • Start by making the title of it.
  • Then make the columns according to your plan.
  • Give the columns labels.
  • Lastly, save and print the timesheet.

Having basic monthly timesheet template will help you to save time if you need to make timesheet as soon as possible. Besides saving time by using the template, it is also much easier as you don’t have to deal with columns and bars. Just fill it and you’re ready to go!

basic monthly timesheet template in word free download

Printable Basic Monthly Timesheet Template Sample

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