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Making Basketball Tournament Bracket Using a Basketball Bracket Template

A tournament bracket is an essential thing to have in every tournament, not to forget a basketball tournament. To make a basketball tournament bracket, you can make it all by yourself. But if you don’t feel like it, don’t worry – you can have a basketball bracket template to get it done in a wink.

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What is a Bracket?

A bracket is basically a diagram. This diagram is simply made as a way to inform spectators the series of games which are played during a tournament. There are two types of commonly-used brackets. The first is a single-elimination bracket, while the other is double-elimination bracket. The simplest one, of course, is the single-elimination bracket.

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Although some may think the bracket is not compulsory to have it in a tournament, it has an important use. In some tournaments, the complete, filled bracket is determined prior to having the first game conducted. Not only the playing teams that got thrilled because of knowing who will play with who – the fans also enjoy knowing who will be against their favorite team.

How Does a Basketball Bracket Work?

Typically, a tournament bracket is filled with an even number of groups which are divided into several rounds of games. Normally, a bracket will contain a minimum four games although many brackets are having more than that. It goes on as the bracket ‘cones’ up until there is merely one group standing.

How Do I Create a Tournament Bracket?

If you are arranging a tournament, but you have no tournament bracket still, it’s time to make one. The easiest trick is to have a basketball bracket template and just fill it out without any hassle. But you can do it manual way too. Therefore, you need to know how to use these apps beforehand so you can make the bracket yourself.

  • Excel/spreadsheet apps

It turns out making a tournament bracket; especially a basketball bracket can be done with this popularly used app to deal with numbers. With its built-in tables, it’s no need to hassle with making boxes. The only thing you need to learn is to make the bracket – not the boxes.

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  • Word-processing apps

Aside from having the spreadsheet apps to make it, using word processor can also help you making the tournament as well. Find the Shapes feature, and make boxes to fit the bracket you need. It’s easy as well.

Can I Make Tournament Bracket in PowerPoint?

Yes, you can. But making a tournament bracket with PowerPoint may be a bit tricky especially if you need a big space to make your bracket. So, if you think the brackets made by PowerPoint are too small, consider another app to make it.

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How Do You Make a Custom Bracket?

Typical basketball tournament bracket will list down the teams/groups joining the tournament. Aside from being the main aspects that must be available in a bracket, the title should be written as well.

If you want to make basketball bracket the quick way, then it is advised to download a basketball bracket template to ease your work. No need to make boxes after boxes, or bracket by bracket – you only need to give it a title as well as filling in the boxes.

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Printable Basketball Bracket Template Sample

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