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How to Create and Where to Find a Basketball Jersey Template

Are you excited for the next basketball season? Are you in charge of designing the new jersey for your team? In this case, you usually would look for printing shops to figure out styles, colors, and any design details to have the jersey that fits your team. However, with a basketball jersey template, you can now create your own original uniform and personalize it as you desire.

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How to Design a Basketball Jersey from Scratch?

Perhaps you have sufficient proficiency in the field of graphic design, and the committee of your basketball team assigns you to design a new uniform. By following these simple steps, you can make a jersey for your team a complete success.

  • A jersey is not merely a uniform; it’s an identity. Thus, think about why you are designing it and why the new jersey matters to your team.
  • Every team has its own brand colors, so you don’t really need to look for another new color for the new uniform.
  • Apart from color, a basketball team always has its own brand fonts. If your committee decides to change the whole design, which includes the fonts, then you need to discuss it with them first since fonts show off the team’s brand personality.

basketball jersey template in photoshop

How Can I Design a Basketball Jersey If I’m Not Proficient in Graphic Design?

The answer is quite simple, use a template. A basketball jersey template is a pre-made graphic of jersey mock-up that gives you flexibility in customizing. With a template, you can show the jersey design to your team how the uniform will look in real life and ask their opinions about it.

How to Use a Basketball Jersey Template?

Once you download the template in a high definition resolution, extract it into the graphic designing software you want to use to customize the mock-up. Now, you are ready to edit it.

  • First, upload the official logo of your team, change the number, name, font, and the color.
  • Next, it’s time to select the colors of the garment. Since your team must already have one or two official colors, no need to look for other shades. You simply need to think about how you will put the colors into the design.
  • Finally, the mock-up is ready to use. However, show it first to your basketball team and committee. If they give you some suggestions regarding the design, discuss it first with the whole crew before editing it again and taking it to the print shop.

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Tips to Choose the Right Basketball Jersey Template

There are plenty of graphic design platforms that offer a wide array of jersey templates. However, in order to choose the right template for your needs, consider following the quick tips below:

  • Make sure the template comes with .tif file format, but if you aren’t familiar with it, opt for .psd files.
  • Choose a template that comes in 3264 x 4633 resolutions and make sure it features more than one color section so that it can be edited.

How to Make Your Own Basketball Jersey Template

Some platforms only offer flat and boring templates. Thus, if you know how to use graphic design programs, such as Photoshop, consider using it to create the jersey mock-up as you desire.

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Designing a basketball uniform doesn’t have to be expensive. Finding a basketball jersey template that doesn’t look too basic can help you create your own team basketball uniform that looks like no other.


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Printable Basketball Jersey Template Sample

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