10+ Printable Basketball Practice Plan Template

Basketball Practice Plan Template for More Engaging Practices

If you join a basketball club in your school and practice basketball is one of the things in your schedule for the year, you will need to make a practice plan. However, making a basketball plan from scratch can be tedious if you have no idea what you should include in the schedule. With a basketball practice plan template, you can obtain from any graphic design platform, making a practice schedule can be done in a matter of time.

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How Do You Write a Basketball Practice Plan?

If you are a basketball trainer who needs to create a practice plan but has no idea how to start off, here are the quick tips to follow:

  • Create the practice plan based on the age group to ensure the chosen activities are appropriate for both the age and their development.
  • Divide the page into several columns, which consist of the significant basketball practice themes.

basketball practice plan template template for word

What to Include in a Basketball Practice Plan?

A basketball practice plan template usually includes several practice pointers, such as stretching exercises, move rapidly from one drill to another drill, trainer’s choices, shooting activities, ball-handling and dribbling drills, and so on. You can use some of this type of practice as a reference in making your own plan.

How Do I Edit Text in a Basketball Practice Plan Template?

Once you have downloaded the template to create your basketball practice, it’s time for you to edit it so that it aligns with your schedule. However, a practice plan pre-made layout usually only contains columns and some major basketball activities. That is why you need to edit it. Here is the simple tutorial to follow:

  • Open the template file. If it’s in PDF, make sure to convert it first to other editable file formats.
  • Once you open the file, now you can fill it out with your own schedule.

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How to Edit Text in a Photoshop Practice Plan Template?

While downloading a practice plan template in a .psd file is a little bit unorthodox, since a to-do-list doesn’t require lots of visual elements, it is totally fine if you opt for such a template file. The followings are step-by-step in customizing the template content:

  • Open the PSD template and select the “Type” tool you can find in the toolbar.
  • Choose the text you would like to edit.
  • Locate the options bar that has a number of options you can choose to edit the font size, font type, color, text style, and text alignment in your chosen template.
  • Select the options bar and click ‘save’.

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How Can I Edit a Basketball Practice Plan Template in Word 2010?

It’s relatively easy to make any changes in a .doc template file. You simply need to open the file and edit any elements in your chosen pre-made layout, such as the fonts, spacing, tables, and so on. You can also add some additional basketball activities to your practice plan template. Once you have finished, select the file tab, and click save.

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Making a basketball practice plan template doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have no clue what to include, find and download a basketball practice plan template on any platform. Edit the content and adjust it with your own schedule, and you are ready to go.

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Printable Basketball Practice Plan Template Sample

basketball practice plan template free word template

basketball practice plan template in word design

basketball practice plan template in word

basketball practice plan template in word free download


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