10+ Printable Basketball Scouting Report Template

Things You Need to Know before Filling in Basketball Scouting Report Template

A scouting job isn’t that easy to do since you need to evaluate someone’s performance in detail. This is done in order to make a comprehensive, detailed scouting report. If you got a scouting job needed to do, then doing it with a basketball scouting report template really will help you to plan what you are going to write. Hence, you will be likely to write better.

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What is a Scouting Report?

A scouting report is basically a framework, usually for sport teams in order to explain how they are performing, as well as to summarize ‘who they are’ in an organized way. Usually, a scouting report will also have section to have the writer jotted down the tendencies, habits, skill quality, etc. of the person in question. This person can be anyone – it can be from an opponent’s team, or from your team.

Why Do You Need a Scouting Report?

  1. Strategic planning

This is done not only if you are going to have a tournament ahead, and you need to learn how the opponent’s doing. It is also done in order to understand well how a certain player behaves within a game.

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  1. Understanding internal capacity

Without understanding internal capacity, it is impossible to do well in a game. This is because trust should exist in a game, and sharing the vulnerability, tendencies, and habits help to build the trust.

  1. Recruiting someone to join the field

If you are a sport scout, then making a scouting report is something you need to do in your job. Detailed report will help your superior to agree upon your choice of recruiting someone.

The Contents of a Scouting Report

  • The identity of the player, not only it includes the group name, but also the height, handedness, build, position, and lastly – number.
  • The scout’s assessment, for this section there are usually several parts to fill in. Tables and diagrams may be used; some will have the assessment filling in a blank paragraph box.

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To make a scouting report, more often than not, a basketball scouting report template is used. So, the scout will be in no hassle assessing the player on focus.

Types of a Scouting Report Template

There are many forms of scouting report template, but in general it can be divided into two kinds of file type. First is word-processor friendly template. It is easy to edit, easy to print. All scouts can work on this kind of template and lean on it cozily. Second is image-editor friendly template. It is a bit tricky especially for ones inexperienced with such image editing programs. However, if you want to add illustrative decorations or such, this kind of app will come in handy.

How to Write a Scouting Report?

  • First, get a template. It will be much easier to do it by filling in a certain template. If you still have in it a digital form, it’s best to print it.
  • Get to know the person of interest.
  • Start filling it according to what you have seen from the player. Make it objective, and you do not need to use flowery words to make this report.

basketball scouting report template template free word

Well, that’s the information about a scouting report. If you need to scout a basketball player, as said earlier, it’s best to have a basketball scouting report template on hand. Easy and quick, that’s what you get from this template.

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