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Making the Basketball Team’s Uniform Using Basketball Uniform Template

Spice up the looks of your basketball team with a uniform. A cool uniform will not only boost the members’ morale to struggle for the wins, but it also helps the team looks cool. To make a uniform, the first thing to do is to have a design and its mock up. A basketball uniform template may help.

basketball uniform template in photoshop

How to Make a Uniform Mock Up?

To make your basketball team’s uniform; the important thing is to have the design be digitally drawn first. This must be done because every team must have different team costume and making it digitally is the only way to print it later on the uniform.

Once you have the design plan, the logo of your team, as well as the basic color combination, then the next step is to have these on the uniform mock-up. Mock up is used to show the team the final digital design of the uniform. Up to this step, the design is still open for edit.

What Do I Use to Make Uniform Mock Up?

Normally, people use image editor application to edit a mock up. Since many use basketball uniform template to make the uniform mock up, you need to understand that templates with PSD, CDR, or other types extension is not going to work if opened with a word-processor application.

basketball uniform template in psd design

Hence, you need to install the related app beforehand. This kind of app is beneficial since it is versatile – you can also make the basic design of the uniform (logo design, especially) by using image editor applications which can easily be found and is easily downloadable.

What should be Included in a Basketball Uniform Template?

Normally, basketball uniform template has only little to no content. More often than not, such template only has the shape of blank basketball jersey. Both front and back side are provided. Some will also provide the side shape if you want to have a mockup of the customized jersey side as well.

basketball uniform template psd template free

How to Customize a Uniform Template?

  • Before you start editing, plan the design well and do some brainstorming with the whole team.
  • Then, find out a template to work with. Make sure you have the compatible application to open the template with that certain extension.
  • Open the template directly from the application.
  • Apply your design to the template. You may need a decent skill to edit the template to suit the design you and the whole team want.
  • Once you’ve done with the design, export the file to a JPG/PNG file.

Tips on Customizing a Uniform Template

To customize a uniform template, you may consider these tips:

  • Having at least 2 colors that expresses your team is essential. This is done in order to make an identity of the team through the uniform.
  • Don’t make just one – let your team members to have some options.
  • If you got a template filled already with colors and a certain design, modifying it can help you to make your brand-new design.

basketball uniform template template for photoshop

So, this is the information you may need to know before making a team uniform using basketball uniform template. One good thing about template is it eases you to make designs and help you cut the time needed to make one. Plus, you can make thousands of designs with only one template.

basketball uniform template template free psd

Printable Basketball Uniform Template Sample

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