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Bathroom Pass Template, Information and Examples

Everyone needs bathroom pass template to make a great-looking bathroom pass and use it in classroom and everywhere else. If you have never made the card before, surely you need to find the right template and the right information about the card. They are here so that you can read them carefully and download the template later on.

bathroom pass template in photoshop

What is Bathroom Pass Template?

The definition of the template is basically like a pattern or stencil that you can use to make a bathroom pass. This is a sort of thing a student carries in the hallway, on the way to the bathroom. By carrying the bathroom pass, other teachers or anyone in the school won’t mistake the student for skipping classes or up to no good.


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How Can I Make Bathroom Pass?

Making bathroom pass is quite easy as there is no certain rule of how the pass should look like. Bathroom pass is also usually used in kindergarten and elementary school so that they can look as whimsical as possible. However, bathroom pass is available as well in middle school, high school and college in which their designs should be more formal and letter-like.

What Bathroom Pass Say?

Commonly, when you use bathroom pass template and make the card, there will be several pieces of information written on the card. They are including:

  • The name of the homeroom teacher or the teacher responsible for the bathroom pass
  • The name of the student/pupil (optional)
  • The time allowance to go to the bathroom

bathroom pass template psd template free

What are the Best Tools to Make Bathroom Pass?

If you plan to create whimsical-looking bathroom pass with pictures and tons of colors, designing tools like Photoshop, Canva, Corel Draw, PicsArt and something like that can help a lot. If you plan to make the simple version of the bathroom pass, though, with the design resembling a letter or a ticket, you can use Microsoft Word instead.

What are the Best Bathroom Pass Designs?

The designs for bathroom pass are surely numerous. If you are looking for the designs for kindergarten bathroom pass or elementary school bathroom pass, some of the best ideas are including:

  • Rainbow-shaped bathroom pass
  • Necklace-like bathroom pass
  • Boy-girl bathroom pass
  • Animal-shaped bathroom pass

bathroom pass template template for photoshop

Where is Bathroom Pass Needed?

Bathroom pass or also known as hall pass is often needed at schools. Usually, the lower grade of school needs them a lot of times, including in kindergarten and elementary school. Pre-kindergarten level often has bathroom pass as well for the kids even though the teacher mostly supervise the bathroom time for pre-K students. The bathroom pass still has to be there.

Those are basically everything you have to understand about making bathroom pass. There is no way that you can create a great-looking bathroom pass without a reliable template. Download any of the templates available here and making the card won’t be something so hard anymore. All you have to do is picking up the best bathroom pass template for you.


bathroom pass template template free psd

Printable Bathroom Pass Template Sample

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