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Creating a Luring Menu Card for BBQ Restaurant using BBQ Menu Template

Small yet essential, a BBQ menu card is a must-have if you are running a barbecue restaurant. Why so? It is obvious you will not have time to explain each and all of the menus offered in your place, right? Menu card is that needed thing to explain the customers what they can have in your restaurant. Hence, you need to make it right to lure your buyers to dine in your place. One of the tricks is making the menu card using a BBQ menu template.

bbq menu template in photoshop

How Do You Make a Menu Card?

To make a menu card, first of all you need to have a set list of menus. Aside from having the name of the meal, you too should have decided the price. That will be better if you also pick some menus that you chose to ‘represent’ your restaurant.

After that, prepare the photos to fill in your menu card. Hiring a photographer should be a great idea to have some alluring, mouthwatering food pictures. Then, the next step is to design the menu card itself. You can either design the invitation yourself, or having a template to quick-design an invitation.

What are the Contents of a Menu Card?

  • Product information

The information needed will include a short explanation of the food offered, ingredients used, and also the price. All of the information is given in a short sentence.

bbq menu template in psd design


  • Photos

Not all menus need a product photo. Point out the best-selling menus in your restaurant, and have it photographed professionally. If you think hiring photographers is too expensive, having a relevant illustration is sufficient.

How Do You Make BBQ Menu Template?

Using a template is a quick, witty way to create a specific design, including a menu card. If you have little to no time to design a menu card for your BBQ restaurant, then download a BBQ menu template. All you need to do next is to customize it without even thinking about making the design.

bbq menu template psd template free

How to Make a Menu Card Using a Template?

In order to make a BBQ menu card with a template, you can do these steps below.

  • Decide how many pages you are going to have in your menu card. Normally, a menu card has 1-2 pages; if you need more then consider using the same template in order not to involve too many designs.
  • Then, find and download the relatable menu card template. Make sure your have the compatible editor application already installed.
  • Start customizing. From its menu name, price, explanation, and even photos – make changes.
  • Once you’ve done the editing, review it. if needed, have someone to review it as well.
  • Export the template file into JPG/PDF/PNG. Then, print it with a good quality paper.

bbq menu template template for photoshop

Tips on Making a Menu Card

These tips are not limited only to BBQ restaurants only. Even though it is not difficult to make a menu card, you need to note these:

  • Showcase the best-selling menu from your restaurant.
  • Have a logo. Logo makes your restaurant looks classy and trusted.
  • Your choice of colors matters. Aside of picking the relevant color scheme, you need to choose colors that show your restaurant’s identity.

It is a great time to try BBQ menu template. You don’t have to worry about the things needed in a design. All you have to do is only customizing it.

bbq menu template template free psd

Printable BBQ Menu Template Sample

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