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Understanding the Use of Behavior Log Template and Why You Should Make It

Only few know this term: behavior log. What and why someone needs to write this log? It turns out teachers are the ones in need of this paper. Just like its name implies, a behavior log is written to note the behavior of a student in interest. For that purpose, a teacher may need a behavior log template to ease their job.

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What is a Behavior Log?

To be simply put, a behavior log is a tool that logs or reports incidents. The incidents will include anything that involves students’ behavior problems. This log is mostly used if there are any serious behavioral cases which are also repetitious. Hence, teacher feels the need of tracking it in order to have a plan on what to do to stop it.

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What is the Purpose of Behavior Log?

This log is used to note a certain behavioral outburst found in a student. If this happens repetitively, then teacher also use this log in order to plan what further action the teacher should take, such as calling the parents to arrange a meeting.

What are the Contents of a Behavior Log?

A behavior log typically contains one to two pages. It contains the behavior log itself and an addition of behavioral scatterplot.

For the behavior log, it usually contains:

  • Student’s identity
  • Observer’s name
  • Date and time of the incident
  • Brief narrative of the incident
  • Length of the incident
  • If needed, the severity scale of the incident and further action is also inserted.

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In contrast with behavior log, behavioral scatterplot basically has several columns such as time, class activity schedule, and the date.

How to Make a Behavior Log?

To make a behavior log, it is very easy as it has no complicated designs, pretty illustration, or whatsoever. A behavior log is easiest when it is made by word processor application or image editor.

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Behavior log is typically made like a form. Hence aside from the behavioral scatterplot, behavior log does not columns and bars. Simply make it like form, and you’re all set.

What Can I Use to Make a Behavioral Log?

  • Word processor application: it is ultimate application you can use to make this behavioral log as it is really effective to make such form.
  • Image editor application: unless your word processor application doesn’t work, image editor is the next type of app you can have to make a behavioral log. But, it is oftentimes difficult to use as you need a specific skill to benefit from the features.
  • Template: let it be a compatible template for word processor or image editor application, having a behavior log template can be beneficial for you. Why so? A pre-made template is best to use if you have no time to make a design.

Using behavior log template to make this form does not mean you are not professional. Instead, it can be inferred that you are trying to work effectively. With this template, you don’t need to think how to make the form as well as thinking what must you insert to the form. behavior log template template free word

Printable Behavior Log Template Sample

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