10+ Printable Behavior Plan Template

How to Make a Behavior Plan Template

A behavior plan is a written document that is specifically developed to plan out what to do to prevent any challenging behavior and know what to do when said behavior occurs. If you are required to compose a behavior plan, use a behavior plan template. It usually just consists of one page but can also be several pages.

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How Do You Write a Behavior Plan?

Before you start composing a behavior plan using specific programs on your computers, here are some essential things you need to do first:

  • Acquire the parent or guardian’s written consent
  • Collect FBA and baseline data and analyze it to evaluate a hypothesized goal of the behavior feature
  • Conduct appropriate testing initiatives and gather the participants of the plan

What Should Be Included in a Behavior Plan?

Suppose you are looking for a behavior plan template. In that case, you will see some of the essential elements that must be included in the behavior plan. Some of them include:

  • On the top of the page usually consist of the student’s name, parent’s name, date of birth, contact details, the exact date when the form is filled out, the school’s name, the teacher’s name, and the name of the support staff.
  • The next is the target problem behaviors with several details that can be listed with a checklist box on the left side of each point. The lists of the objectives and the preventative strategies are also written in the same manner.

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How Do I Edit a Behavior Plan Template in Word 2010?

Suppose you need a reference to arrange a behavior plan and use a template in a .doc file. In that case, the editing process will be much more manageable than when you use another program. To edit the template and adjust it to your needs, find the template you have downloaded and click it open. Now, you can make any changes to the document.

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Although a locked template is a bit unusual, it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t encounter such a thing. To unlock the template, right-click the template in the .doc file that’s locked. Choose to open the file with WordPad. Now, the template is unlocked, and you can make any changes to the template

How Can I Edit a Behavior Plan Template in PDF file?

Some of the behavior plan templates you find in any design platforms are available in PDF files. But you need to customize the template to suit your needs. Here is how to edit the PDF template:

  • Open the file using Acrobat DC
  • Select on the “Edit PDF” on the right side of the page
  • Use the editing tools to edit the existing text, add new text, or change the fonts by using the selections you can find on the Format list
  • If you think you have included all the crucial points of the behavior plan, save your edited file

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How Do I Convert a PDF Template to an Editable File?

Editing the PDF template of a behavior plan is as not flexible as using a template in a .doc file or other editable file types. You need to export the PDF file to Adobe, locate the “Convert” option, choose “Microsoft Word Document,” and click “Export to Word.” Now, you can open the converted template and customize it.

Making a behavior plan doesn’t have to be complicated. The technical procedure is relatively simple as long as you use a behavior plan template in a .doc since it will give you full flexibility in editing.

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Printable Behavior Plan Template Sample

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