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Bi Fold Brochure Template Related Information and Example

A bi fold brochure template is frequently sought because this is the most common format of a brochure. If you have no clue about the brochure but you have to make one, do not worry about it because there will be tons of information and template available here. Read the information and then download the template after that. It is all here for you to choose.

bi fold brochure template in photoshop

What Is a Bi Fold Brochure?

Bi fold brochure is also known as half-page brochure because essentially this is the kind of brochure with one fold in the middle to create four different panels on them. This is the most common type of brochure as they are very easy to make. It is like printing something on a standard A4 page and folding them in half.

What is A Bi Fold Brochure Template?

As for the template, these are the templates to ease your way in making the brochure. By using the template, you do not have to keep the hard work of designing the templates and layouts of each panel. The templates have them all already and all you have to do is adding the information and then the picture to complete the brochure.

bi fold brochure template in psd design

How Do You Make A Bi Fold Brochure?

If you make this kind of brochure using the template here, all you need to do is just downloading the template and then you prepare all those words and sentences to put in the brochure. After that, find the boxes to insert the words and then finishing it all up by adding some pictures, illustration and decorations to the brochures.

bi fold brochure template psd template free

What Size is A Bi Fold Brochure?

The most common size of brochure of this kind is around 8.5” x 11”. This is the reason why bi fold brochure template is mostly available in that particular size as well. It is printed on A4 paper and it is considered as the most appropriate size of the brochure. It makes them not too big but not too tiny either. You can, of course, alter the size but mostly that size is the main size.

How Do You Layout A Brochure?

You can lay out a brochure by remembering the format or standard form of a brochure of two folds. They are:

  • The first panel should be the cover. It has the cover picture and slightly information about the content.
  • The second and third panels are the content of the brochure. It should be containing the information intended for the brochure.
  • The fourth panel is the back cover. Add little information on this page

bi fold brochure template template for photoshop

How Do You Make A Two Fold Brochure On Microsoft Word?

You can make the brochure on Ms. Word by using the “table” feature located in the “Insert” tool bar. Create four panels of table and fill it with the information you need.

Making the brochure of two folds is now getting easier as you know exactly how to do that. You should be able to choose some of the best templates here and edit them after that. With the help of the template, getting the brochure done quickly is not something impossible. Choose the bi fold brochure template that you like from now on.

bi fold brochure template template free psd

Printable Bi Fold Brochure Template Sample

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