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Bi-Weekly Budget Template to Help You Create a Financial Plan

Creating and sticking to any type of budgeting is a daunting challenge for most people, even more if they have to plan it in bi-weekly arrangement. If you are one of these people and you want to start mastering art of bi-weekly budgeting, it’s a good idea to start by using bi-weekly budget template as one of your assisting tools.

What Is Bi-Weekly Pay?

In one year, there are a total of 52 weeks. A person that receives bi-weekly paycheck will be paid 26 times a year. The paychecks are given two times for majority of the months, with the exceptions of two months where the paychecks are given three times.

How Do You Budget Bi-Weekly Paychecks?

Below are the three primary parts of bi-weekly budgeting:

  • Make a list of every expense and purchase.
  • Determine the amount of occasional splurge.
  • Set aside some money for savings.

How Do You Budget for Semi Monthly?

Here are five essential steps to create bi-weekly budgeting plan.

  • List all of the bills: Each of the bills must be included in the list with the information of their amount and due dates.
  • Mark the bill payment dates: Use a calendar to track out the due dates of your bills and put checkmark after you’ve paid them.
  • Create a bi-weekly budget for the first half of the month: Make a priority list of which bills you need to pay in the first half of the months. Then with the remaining money, create a list of your additional expenses such as groceries.
  • Create a bi-weekly budget for the second half of the month: After receiving the second paycheck, distribute them based on the bills that yet to be paid for the month. Make a plan for your expenses budgets then put the remaining money for savings.
  • Record the spending: In order to create a functioning budgeting plan, you have to keep track of your spending to see if the plan is realistic enough.

Does Google Sheets Have A Budget Template?

Yes, Google Sheets has several options of bi-weekly budget template that you may use easily and quickly. They will help you to track expenses, spending, and savings.

How Do I Create a Weekly Budget in Excel?

Similar to Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel also provides its users numbers of templates to use for budgeting. Some of the templates even let you compare the difference between your budgeting plan and your actual expenses, in care you have to put out unexpected spending.

Is It Better to Budget Weekly or Monthly?

A lot of financial experts and advisors agree that there is more control when you opt with weekly or bi-weekly budgeting instead of monthly. One month is considered as too long to keep your impulses on spending money under control and weekly. Moreover, you can easily compare your financial progress in weekly or bi-weekly format.

The bi-weekly budget template will help you to create and stick to your budgeting plan. It’s truly a practical tool. Not to mention, you are able to download and use it for free.


Printable Bi-Weekly Budget Template Sample