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Bidding Sheet and Making It with Ready-Made Bid Sheet Template

Do you want the government, organization, or someone offering a project puts their eye on you? Then it’s time to make a bid sheet. It will help them to recognize you as you’ve submitted a bid. To make it quicker, have a bid sheet template in your hand. As a consequence, you won’t need to work hard on making the document. Just do some customization and you’ll be all set!


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What is Bid Sheet?

A bid sheet is literally a document that you submit along with a bid proposal. This sheet plays an important role and may bring a huge impact whether to give your company the project handling permission or not.

Although you can make it yourself, in many cases, the bid sheet has already been prepared once you were given the invitation to bid. So, make sure to check it meticulously whether the job offering provides this document or not.

Who Will Need Bid Sheet?

As aforementioned, a bid sheet is generally used by the bidders who want to submit their bids. Although it is oftentimes be provided by the employer, you may need to work on it if the sheet is not provided.

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What should be Included in a Bid Sheet?

Well, actually there is no certain rule about the details of a bid sheet. But the bottom line is, there are commonly-found aspects in a bid sheet, which will be written as follows:

  • The bidder’s identity

Not only it mentions the bidder’s legal name, but the address, what service the company specializes in, also the bidder’s contact information should be the first thing to provide in this sheet.

bid sheet template template free word

  • The bid details

In order to better know the bid, a bid sheet will also provide the bid summary as well. But, it doesn’t necessarily be a complete one. It can be said that in this sheet you only provide the outline of your bid, not a comprehensive one.

  • Signature

To make the bid sheet official, then the signature of an official representative should be inserted as well.

How Do You Make a Bid Sheet?

In order to make a bid sheet, there are two options you can make. First, make it yourself using word processor app or spreadsheet app or use a template. In order to do that, you must download a bid sheet template and customize the template with the contents you need.

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How to Make a Bid Sheet Using a Template?

To make your bid sheet, then getting a template will make your work quicker to do. To use the template, the methods are written below.

  • Launch the compatible app. For example, if you own a .doc/.docx template, then a word processor app will do.
  • Then, with that app’s Open feature, open the template you have downloaded earlier.
  • Review the template for a bit. Note any parts needed some adjustments.
  • If you have the contents already, then it’s fine to start right away. But if you haven’t had it, discussing the contents with the team is recommended.
  • Fill in the empty space in that sheet.
  • Do a thorough check to dismiss any errors. This is required as most professional paperwork don’t tolerate any errors.

The last thing to do is to save the bid sheet template. If needed, you can print the file and make it as the addition to your bid proposal.

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Printable Bid Sheet Template Sample

bid sheet template in word

bid sheet template free download word

bid sheet template free word template

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bid sheet template word template free


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