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The Bifold Brochure Template, Example and Details

You surely need a bifold brochure template to create a nice-looking brochure with four panels. This is the best way to promote something or basically distribute information that you need people out there to know. Here are several templates that you can look and download. Pick one or two that you like the best and then start using them to make the template.

bifold brochure template free download psd

What Is Bifold Brochure Template?

The template is the one to make four-paneled brochure. The bifold brochure is the most typical brochure to find out there. This is why when you get asked to make a brochure; it is most likely to be a bifold one. Use the template, which is going to be available here, to guide your way of making the brochure as you do not need to start from the start.

What Is A Bifold Brochure?

A bifold brochure is the kind of brochure that has four panels and the paper on which the brochure is printed is folded once. The other name for this kind of brochure is “half page brochure”. It is understandable that this type is the most common one as you will have to put a little effort only to create this kind of brochure.

bifold brochure template free psd template

What Are The Types Of Brochure?

There are usually two types of brochure that you will encounter out there. The first one is this one, the bifold brochure. The paper is divided into four panels in this kind of brochure. The second one is tri-fold brochure. There are six panels in this brochure and hence the more space to write information and sections. The template here is the bifold brochure template one.

bifold brochure template in photoshop free download

How Do You Make A Bifold Brochure?

The method is quite easy. It will be described here:

  • You need a template. Download the desired template here
  • Open the template, mostly in Photoshop
  • Add information on the template and edit the details, like the title and pages
  • Add picture for the cover and back cover
  • Print the finished design

bifold brochure template in photoshop

Is There A Brochure Template On Google Docs?

There is no exact template for brochure on Google Docs. However, you can always make one. Simply rotate the paper and get the paper orientation to horizontal and then you can start making the template. It can also be done with the help of the table feature you can find on “Insert” section.

How Do You Make a 2 Page Pamphlet?

2-page pamphlet is essentially a bifold brochure. So, the way to make it is basically the same as the brochure. Follow the information provided above about the method to make the brochure. That is exactly what you need to do.

Even when you have no clue about writing or making a pamphlet or brochure, you can always end up with one after using the right template. This is why there are many templates here so that you can pick the one that look the best for you. Among those templates, there must be one bifold brochure template that will match your need.

bifold brochure template in psd design

Printable Bifold Brochure Template Sample

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