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How to Organize Unpaid Bills with Bill List Template

Finance is a complicated thing, particularly when it comes to keeping track of all of your bills. However, with a printable bill list template, you will always remember the due dates of your bill payments, the number of payments, and other financial details in just one place. With a bill checklist, every penny can be paid on the dot, and you can get a reminder of every single thing in advance.

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How Do I List My Unpaid Bill Payments?

Before making a bill list in any spreadsheet software on your computer or smartphones, you need to understand how to organize your unpaid bills and keep them organized. The solution you can do is paying all the unpaid bills will be much more manageable and quicker once you have decided on a specific area to list all your bills.

If you still receive paper bills, it would be best to open them as soon as you get them. This also applies when you get electronic billings. Write down the due date and the sum owed on a paper, or you can directly put them on a spreadsheet. Spare your 30 minutes per week to pay all the bills.

How to Create a Bill List with a Template?

First and foremost, you need to download a bill checklist template. You can also get the template for free in spreadsheet programs. A good bill list should show your upcoming bill payments in either alphabetical order or in the form of a calendar.

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How Do I Create a Bill List Spreadsheet?

Here is the easy and free way to create a bill list. First, pick a program that can be used to make and edit a spreadsheet file, such as Microsoft Excel and Google Docs Spreadsheet. Then, select a bill list template available on the program, but you can also download it on other design platforms. Next, fill in the templates with all the bills, statements, and other details that show what you need to pay that month.

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How Do I Make a Monthly Bill List in Google Sheets?

You can also list all of your bills by using Google Sheets. Here is the simple, step-by-step tutorial to create your own bill list:

  • First, open your Google Drive account and click “New” on the left sidebar and select the “Google Sheet.”
  • Create categories of income and expense. In the expense category, you can list all the bills you need to pay.
  • Since the majority of bill payments must be paid monthly, it would be best to use a monthly period. Now, you can start inputting the sums of each bill you have to pay.

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What to Include in a Bill List?

The followings are the item that must be included in a bill list:

  • Debt and loans, including credit cards, mortgage, etc.
  • Utilities such as gas, water, electricity, phone, and cellphone service, and many more.
  • Insurance as well as its premiums.
  • Savings, investments, and emergency funds.
  • Miscellaneous bills, including child care, gas, medical, charity, and so on.

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Bill pay checklist templates are available in many different forms; many people find the monthly bill list template to be helpful and convenient as it is used to remind you of all the bills you must pay.

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Printable Bill List Template Sample

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