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Get a Bill Organizer Template to Make Your Bill Organized

Are you a forgetful person? You are not the only one, and it is a pretty normal situation after all. However, being forgetful does not mean good for our routinely coming monthly bills. Need a helping hand in order to make your bill organized? Download a bill organizer template and expect something special coming with that!

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What is a Bill Organizer?

A bill organizer is basically a table that can help you to remember bills you have to pay. It can be made with a monthly basis, bi-weekly basis, or even weekly basis. However, out of those three options, monthly organizer is the most used one.

What is the Use of a Bill Organizer?

A bill organizer is used in order to collect all of the bills altogether in one place, a table. If made on a monthly basis, with this tool you will know the certain due date for each of your monthly bills. Hence, you won’t have to remember the due of all bills – just taking a look at the organizer and you know what to do next.

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What are the Contents of a Bill Organizer?

  • Bill or expense list: It is not a bill organizer if the bill of expense list is not present. Note down the bills that must be paid under this column.
  • Amount: Remind yourself to allocate a certain amount of money in order to pay a certain bill/expense.
  • Due date: To make you remember when to pay, this column is provided. Make sure you are aware with that as the otherwise may result in an additional fine payment.
  • Paid checklist: This column is used if you have paid a certain bill. Give a check to the list, complete it all, and sense the satisfaction.

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How to Make a Bill Organizer?

To make a bill organizer, it is very easy – you can make it yourself with a word processor app, a spreadsheet app, or by using a bill organizer template. Each option has its own up and downsides.

If you make it with a word processor app, you will have to deal with making tables and decorating it as per your need. It takes relatively longer time than relying on a spreadsheet app, which has already owned built-in tables. But since there are people unfamiliar with such spreadsheet app, it can be tricky as well to make it there.

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In contrast with those options, making the bill organizer with a template will help you to make the organizer much quicker. Moreover, many bill organizer templates are offering decorated tables already – hence you don’t have to decorate it with your own effort.

How to Use Bill Organizer Template?

In order to use a template, aside from getting the relevant template, make sure that you have installed the relevant and compatible application to open the file. For example, if you are getting a template with a .doc extension, then you will have to edit it on word processor app. If you get a .pdf one, then it’s best to open it by a PDF reader; or directly print it. Alternately, you can convert it to .doc file first. Following that, customizing it can be done in a word processor app.

bill organizer template template free word

Once you finish the customization, save the template with another name. That way, if you need another piece of bill organizer, you can customize and print the file from the previously used bill organizer template. No need to get a new template file unless you want to get a new style.

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Printable Bill Organizer Template Sample

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