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How to Make Bill Calendar with Bill Pay Calendar Template

Calendar probably got the most daily attention from us, especially if you write any important soon-to-be events there. If you are that kind of person, why don’t you get the bills separated – bills to be put in its own calendar? That way, you lessen the possibility to lately pay any bills; or making your calendar too stuffy with events and bills due date. A bill pay calendar template is ready to help you with that.

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What is a Bill Pay Calendar?

Just like the name implies, a bill pay calendar is a calendar specialized to contain the information regarding your monthly bills. It has a special objective in mind: to remind you to pay bills punctually.

What are the Contents of a Bill Pay Calendar?

In general, a bill pay calendar is nothing but a calendar with boxes that you can write in. But, if you have ever sought for bill pay calendar template on the internet, you will be amazed as there are many variations. It is basically a calendar, but with creativity people made it up to something interesting.

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Aside from having day-by-day boxes, it usually has paid checklist as well. Therefore, if you have paid a certain bill, you can check the box.

How Do I Make a Bill Pay Calendar?

If templates are not your thing, then making it yourself is also possible. Typically, people are making such paper with a spreadsheet app or a word-processor app. You can start by making tables. After that, you can give the table relevant labels as needed.

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Decorating becomes the next step to make a bill pay calendar. No need to make it glamor – instead, adding overwhelming amount of decoration will make the calendar looks unfashionable.

When it comes to filling in the boxes, you have two choices: to make it handwritten or making it to be typed. It’s neater to have it typed; but if you don’t feel like it, it is always fine to just handwrite the bills on the calendar.

What Types of Bill Pay Calendar Template?

Since there are various appearances of this template, let’s just categorize the template according to the file extension it has.

  • .doc/.docx template files are suitable for word-processor application. It is light to use, easy to customize, and many people have been familiarized with the app’s user interface.
  • .xls/.xlsx template files are compatible with spreadsheet apps. Similar to word processor templates, this is light in size and easy to customize, but not all people are often hands-on with the application.
  • .pdf template files are more often to be printed directly. The PDF file itself is basically non-editable; but with a certain apps, it can be edited. Its size is often larger, but with the practicality, PDF templates win the heart of many.

bill pay calendar template template free word

How to Use Bill Pay Calendar Templates?

In order to customize your calendar template, you need to open the template file from the compatible application. Launch the template afterwards and start customizing it in accordance to your need and preferences. If you need more decoration on the calendar, just add some colors or clipart.

Making a bill pay calendar using bill pay calendar template is beneficial especially if you have less spare time to make the calendar yourself. It is also a great decision to make as a bill pay calendar is usually decorated already. As a result, you don’t have to decorate it whatsoever.

bill pay calendar template in word

Printable Bill Pay Calendar Template Sample

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