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Making a Billboard with the Reliable Billboard Template

As the needs of advertising media increases, billboards are increasing in number as well. If your company plans to advertise the business through a billboard, then getting a billboard template can help you better to set and adjust the size of your company’s billboard design.

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What is a Billboard?

A billboard is a huge sign on the roadside. It is usually placed somewhere where many passing vehicles can see the contents presented on it. Because of that, billboard is mostly used as a medium to announce, or to advertise a specific service/product.

Do Billboards Work for Advertising?

Advertising a product or a service with a billboard is highly effective; it is because billboards help people to better know about the brand. Thanks to its strategic position and big size, many people pay their attention to the content served, making it more effective as an advertising medium.

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What is the Size of a Billboard?

Below are several common billboard sizes you can find:

  • 12’3” high x 24’6” wide and 10’5” high x 22’8” wide for a 30 Sheet. The latter is less commonly used.
  • 6’ high 12’ wide for an 8 Sheet, this billboard size is also called as junior poster.
  • 16’ high x 60’ wide or 20’ high x 60’ wide for a spectacular.
  • Lastly, a bulletin-type will have 14’ x 48’; 10’ x 40’; and 10.5’ x 36’ feet for the high and wide respectively. These data are obtained from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

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How to Make a Billboard Using a Template?

To make a billboard using a template, then you need to do these things below:

  • Make sure you have the concept. For this step, you need to do a kind of brainstorming with your team about what to display in the billboard. No need to make it too colorful, but avoid making dull and awful ad because that may impact the people’s opinion on your brand.
  • Do a smart copywriting. Many billboard contents often occupy small spaces for text, meaning that the diction must be opted smartly. Words, aside from the illustration, also have a huge impact on people’s mind.
  • Master the contents. Whether it be an illustration, a photograph, or something else, it is better to hire a professional illustrator/photographer/graphic designer with lots of experiences to take the picture, illustrate for the concept, and designing the advertising content.
  • Use a template. This is used if you are the one working for the billboard project. A billboard template will help you to set the size better to be suitable with common billboard.

What Application Can I Use to Customize a Billboard Template?

Generally speaking, people use graphic designing app in order to customize the template. Hence, if you don’t have the capacity to do that, getting a professional must help.

billboard template template free psd

So that is some information you may need to know about billboard and billboard template. Due to its effectiveness to advertise a product/service, it’s also advised to make the best content before using it for the billboard ad. Remember, billboard is rented for not just a buck or two.

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Printable Billboard Template Sample

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