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The Binder Spine Template Details and Format

To binder spine in many paper files, people need a binder. A binder is literally similar with a folder in computer. To name a folder, usually the name is relevant to its contents – similar to a binder spine. Well, to name a binder, you should consider making the label with a binder spine template.

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What is a Binder Spine?

In short, a binder spine is the label of a binder. So, a binder spine contains the name of the binder. It’s similar to a book’s spine as it contains the title of the book there.

Why Do You Need a Binder Spine Label?

The objective is obvious: it’s to name a binder in order to manage it easily. That will ease you when the binder is put upright in a shelf. You will only need to find the relevant label to get the documents you want from a folder.

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What is the Size of a Binder Spine Label?

In general, the width of a binder varies from ½” to 4”. But it basically depends on the binder you are using. It’s best to know the size beforehand; both oversized and tiny label won’t look good on your binder.

binder spine template free psd template

Generally, your binder label should be inserted under a plastic cover. Hence, it makes the width measurement should be based on the insertion width.

How Do You Get Binder Spine?

In order to make a binder spine, you may use either of these apps:

  • Image editor/graphic designing app.

Making your binder spine with this app requires you a decent skill and experience to handle the user interface. It may not be a familiar one as word processor app, but with image editor or graphic designing app, the possibilities to decorate your binder label broadens.

binder spine template in photoshop free download

As it’s an app mostly dealing with image-making, you can lean on the app to produce nice labels – only if you have mastered the app’s user interface and art of designing.

  • Word processor

It’s much, much simpler than the former option; but don’t expect something extraordinaire by making this as your media to create the spine label. Its user interface is easier than that in image editor, and many people have known the app as if a basic knowledge.

How Do I Create a Binder Spine?

Guess what, you can now use a binder spine template to make your binder spine label. To start making your binder spine, here are the procedures:

  • Measure the width and the length of your binder spine. Make sure you use the width of the insertion slot – not the total width. However, if you are going to glue it it’s fine to measure it totally.
  • Find the right template for the size. Then, download it.
  • Using the relevant application, open the template and start customizing it, especially the title. If needed, add some decorations.

binder spine template psd template free

Well, it’s easy, right? So that is how to use a binder spine template. Getting a template is beneficial for you as it can be used over and over again for your next projects. Therefore, you don’t have to make the label manually as such thing will be a waste of time!

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Printable Binder Spine Template Sample

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