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Understanding Bio Poem Template and How to Make the Best One

Writing a bio poem is like getting to know with the one you are writing in it. Consisting of short verses, it is a fun way, but also elegant and sophisticated way to get to know a person or a character (fictional) better. If you are new to writing a bio poem, consider getting a bio poem template to guide you while writing it.

What is a Bio Poem?

As inferred from its name, a bio poem is a type of poem written about a person. It has some distinct characteristics make the poem different from any other poems. By writing this poem, people can get beyond from the visible identity of a person/fictional character in question.

The muse can be everyone, ranging from an ‘ordinary’ person, a historical figure, or a fictional character that appears in book, movie, or a play. Note that a bio poem only consists of one person being the topic.

How Many Lines are on a Bio Poem?

In general, a bio poem is written for about 10 lines long. If you are writing this kind of poem, you don’t need to make each line long, as per line has only one sentence. Although the number of words per sentence isn’t ruled out, it’s better to keep it no longer than 15 words.

What is the Structure of a Bio Poem?

You might be confused about what to write while describing a person/character. A bio poem, despite it being a result of creative writing process, has its own pattern. The pattern is usually as follows:

  • First name of the person
  • How you describe the person
  • Important relationship the person has
  • Things/person that the subject loves
  • The feelings the person experienced
  • Fears that the person experienced
  • The person’s accomplishment
  • Two to three things that person wants to experience
  • Where the person lives
  • Last name of the person

How Do I Write a Bio Poem?

If you are new to making a bio poem, then getting a bio poem template can help you. A template will provide you the outline of what to write. Hence, you only need to prepare the muse to write this bio poem.

How Do You Write a Bio Poem with a Template?

To write a bio poem with a template, then you will need to download a template first. This template is oftentimes word-processor suitable. Aside from that, you can also find a template in PDF file extension. Make sure you’ve already known who to write about in your poem hence you can start shortly after getting a template. Following the guide in that template, write every line of the poem carefully. Review your words and revise what needs to be revised.

Lastly, get a review from someone. If that person thinks your poem is nice already, then it’s a good thing! Continue practicing to master writing a bio poem. After you read this article and get a bio poem template to work with, it’s best to put what you’ve learned into practice. Let’s delve more in the world of poetry.


Printable Bio Poem Template Sample