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Are you looking for a biosketch template? If you are, you have come to the right place. This is where tons of templates can be found and there are some for biosketch as well. This term is probably new to many people and you will find information about them here. Read them carefully and you can download the template later on. It should be helpful, especially by those needing one right now.

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What Is Biosketch?

Biosketch is the “biographical sketch” which mean like it is the document telling the life of someone and there will be pictures there as well. It is like CV but shorter and it has more depth. Some people think that biosketch is almost the same of eulogy but this one is for those who are still alive. It is a morbid way to explain but sometimes it is true, though.

What Is Biosketch Template?

The template is basically the outline and the layout for the biosketch. It has been designed in certain way so that all you need to do is typing in the words and sentences that have been previously prepared of course. There will be space to add in the pictures as well. The template is often completed already with frames and decorations.

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What Is Biosketch Format?

There is no exact format for biosketch template. This is the reason why the templates are basically available in many formats. Microsoft Word is a pretty decent tool to make biosketch as it can be used to write something and add pictures as well. However, some templates are in PSD format as well and can be edited using Photoshop.

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What Should Be Included in a Biographical Sketch?

A good biographical sketch should contain everything about your life. They are, of course, including:

  • Basic information (name, date of birth, etc)
  • Education information
  • Work history
  • Contact numbers

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Is A Biosketch the Same as a CV?

Technically, a biosketch is the same as CV. It has the same content and same purpose, which is to sell someone explained in them. However, CV can be made in greater length. A biosketch is limited up to 5 pages only. If the biosketch is too long, it will like reading a book and a lot of people do not like writing something about someone in particular when it is written in excessive length.

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How to Make Biosketch in Microsoft Word?

To make biosketch in Microsoft Word, you do not have to do anything, really. Microsoft Word has the tool to type in the biographical narratives easily. After that, all you have to do is inserting a photo, which can be done using the “Insert” tab on the Window ribbon.

Once you have the template, it is very easy to create the biosketch. The template is like the guidance for you to make the creation without having to start right from the start. Pick one or two of those templates and start making the biosketch now. With the help of the biosketch template, the biosketch should be ready in no time at all.


biosketch template template free word

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