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A birth certificate is an important document issued by the authorities in relevance as a record of a newborn’s birth. There are lots of situations that use this certificate as one of the requirements. This article will show the trick how to make a birth certificate using a birth certificate template.

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How Do You Make a Birth Certificate?

Do you want to make your own child’s birth certificate? It is possible to do, and it’s also fun to make one, but you should remember that non-official birth certificate cannot be used as a requirement for official matters. But still it is OK to know what makes a certificate to be called as a birth certificate.

The contents of a birth certificate vary from one to another country. But basically, it has these points:

  • Name of the newborn;
  • Sex;
  • Time, date and place of the newborn’s birth;
  • Father and mother’s names.

A country may also input the father’s place of birth and his occupation – as well as the mother’s maiden name and occupation. But the other country may just stick to the basic.

How are Birth Certificates Made?

This document is made to show that your newborn has been registered as the citizen of a country. Therefore, it’s a mandatory for you to make it in the relevant authority’s office. Making it with your template can be a fun way to celebrate your baby’s birth; but it is no more than just an unofficial paperwork.

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How Do I Create Birth Certificate in Word?

To make a birth certificate in Microsoft Word, you can make that by typing the contents of the certificate yourself or having a template to style the text. If you plan to look for the template of birth certificate, then it is great to search it online and find one that is suitable for Word. It simply means that the file extension should be .doc or .docx.

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How Do You Make a PDF Birth Certificate?

To make a PDF birth certificate, then you have to make the certificate beforehand using another application, for example, Microsoft Word. Once you’ve created your file, you can export it into .pdf by using the ‘Save As’ feature.

It is tricky to make a birth certificate from a PDF birth certificate template. It is because a PDF template cannot be edited. Hence, you should convert it, for instance, into .doc/.docx file extension – hence you can edit the text within.

How to Make a Birth Certificate Using Templates?

Templates may help you to make the birth certificate in such an easy way. To start making a birth certificate for your newborn baby, you can do this procedure:

  • Download an editable template (usually templates suitable with word processor apps will do)
  • Launch the suitable app, let say, a word processor.
  • Once you’re there, open the template and start customizing the contents.
  • Save the file with a new name. You can print it afterwards.

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After you make the birth certificate using birth certificate template, the last procedure is to print it. Usually, heavy embossable certificate paper is used to print a birth certificate.

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Printable Birth Certificate Template Sample

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