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Free Birthday Calendar Template in Excel and Word

Birthday is a special occasion in many people’s life. As you grow older and make many acquaintances and friends, it can sometimes be difficult to always keep track of your friends’ birthdays. Using a printable birthday calendar template, you can stay updated on your friends or relatives’ birthdays throughout the year. Unlike a standard calendar, this birthday calendar can be used multiple times for many years to come.

birthday calendar template in photoshop

How Do I Create a Calendar Template?

Microsoft Word is one of the convenient programs that provide an abundance of features, including well-designed variations of calendars that can be used for free. To create a birthday calendar, you simply need to open the program and select the “New” option on the left side of the window.

Then, locate the templates search box and type “Calendar” on the box. You will see plenty of calendar templates. Scroll through the options and choose a calendar template that you desire by clicking it.

How Do I Create a Birthday Calendar in Word?

Word provides plenty of calendar templates with many different styles. You simply need to choose a template that fits your best and customize it to suit your taste. However, there are three styles of birthday calendars, this include:

  • Single-page calendar: A single-page birthday calendar template lists all months through the year. It’s great for people who would like to plan a celebration several months ahead.
  • Four-page calendar: It’s perfect for those who want a calendar that changes over the season. There is a different page for each season, with three months for every page. This is the ideal calendar for those who have specific times of the year with many birthdays. This way, the calendar won’t be crowded.
  • Twelve-page calendar: It’s the right option for those who have lots of birthdays to remember and who require plenty of space to write information regarding the dates.

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Does Microsoft Excel Have a Calendar Template?

Aside from using Microsoft Word to create your own birthday calendar, you can also use Excel. In addition to that, Excel offers a wide variety of calendar templates that can be adjusted to your needs with no hassle. The templates also come with some of these features: Twelve months in one worksheet or separate worksheet, portrait/landscape orientation, to-do lists, errand trackers, and so on.

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How Do I Create a Birthday Calendar in Excel?

Here is the step-by-step tutorial on how to use a ready-made template that is available in Excel to create your own birthday calendar:

  • Click File and click New
  • Type “Calendar” in the search box and you will find a variety of calendar templates
  • Since you can use the regular calendar in which has twelve pages, you simply need to click the twelve-month calendar and select “Create.”

How Do I Create a Printable Birthday Calendar?

You can either use Excel or Word to create this calendar. Once you picked a template, insert the pictures by right-clicking one of the existing images and select the “Change Picture” option. Then, add the birthdays and print out the calendar.

birthday calendar template template for photoshop

With a birthday calendar template, keeping track of all the birthdays of your friends and relatives can be much more manageable. Also, you will never have to worry again about forgetting the gifts.

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Printable Birthday Calendar Template Sample

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