10+ Printable Birthday Chalkboard customizable psd template

Making Invitation with the Birthday Chalkboard Template

Chalk and board are two things that remind us of old school, right? Now they get more popular to be used as an invitation or sign background. With chalky fonts and cheerful ornaments to include, who can resist the charm of a chalkboard? Well, you may start to wonder how to make such attracting invitation. The answer is easy: use a birthday chalkboard template.

birthday chalkboard template in photoshop free download

How Do You Make a Chalkboard Sign in Word?

To make it in Word, you need to download chalkboard wallpaper first. Find it out in many micro stock websites. Or, probably you own a photo of a chalkboard – that will be better.

The next method is making the contents. Make sure to use fonts suitable for the chalkboard. You can download such fonts on the internet easily. Add photos, ornaments, or anything you’d like to appear in your invitation. But, make sure it won’t overstuff the board.

How Do You Make a Chalkboard Sign on Photoshop?

Aside from making the designs on Word, you can rely on Photoshop to make the invitation. Photoshop has broader range of features that makes it to be the best in its class.

  • Start by getting chalkboard wallpaper on the internet.
  • Then, open it through your Photoshop app.
  • It’s time to make contents. Add your text, ornaments, or anything that you may need to appear in the invitation. Again, you should make it not too stuffy.
  • Once you’ve done with the whole contents, export the file into its printable file type. For example, JPG, PDF, or PNG.

birthday chalkboard template in photoshop

How Do You Make a Chalkboard Background in PowerPoint?

It is pretty similar to making chalkboard sign in other application. The simplest method is to create a chalkboard sign by adding a chalkboard background into a shape. Next, you can use a handwriting-like, chalky font to make an impression as if you are writing on a chalkboard.

birthday chalkboard template in psd design

However, making this in PowerPoint may be pretty limited as the app does not have broad options to handle images as in Word or Photoshop. Plus, when exported, the quality cannot be better than Photoshop’s result.

Making Birthday Chalkboard with a Template

It’s no doubt that making a chalkboard-themed invitation will be much easier with a template. These days you can find birthday chalkboard template on the internet and many are free to download.

These templates come in various file types; such as .doc and .psd. If you are capable of using an image editor program, then it is advised to use it. One sample of widely used image editor app is Photoshop.

How to Make a Birthday Chalkboard Invitation with a Template

The procedures of making a chalkboard-themed birthday invitation, poster, or anything else are as aforementioned. You need to launch the app beforehand, then open the template file in order to start customizing it.

birthday chalkboard template psd template free

When it comes to designs, you need creativity as the basic material. So, if you plan to make a chalkboard-themed invitation yourself, not relying on a template, it’s best to prepare time to make it. You can take up references and download some fonts to beautify your design while customizing the birthday chalkboard template. That way, your poster or invitation will be much attractive to see.

birthday chalkboard template template for photoshop

Printable Birthday Chalkboard Template Sample

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