10+ Printable Birthday List Template

Customizable and Printable Birthday List Template

Birthday list is a piece of document that helps you on keeping tracks with birthday and anniversary dates of the important people around you. It reminds you about the event so you don’t come unprepared. If you don’t know how to create it, or you want to make one with great design, you may want to try using birthday list template.

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How Do I Make A Birthday List?

Birthday list can be made online or by downloading template online. You just need to list the dates and then save it to be printed out or saved in your devices. Both online and printed out birthday list can be edited in case you want to add more dates.

How Do You Create A Birthday List in Excel?

Here’s a very simple two-steps guide to create birthday list in Excel:

  • Open Excel and create several columns that contain birthday information. For example, you may create ‘Name’, ‘Address’, and ‘Birthday date’ columns.
  • Enter the information for each column accordingly, and you are practically done with the task.

birthday list template in word design

How Do I Create A Birthday Calendar in Word?

You can find birthday list template on Microsoft Word in format of calendar. They make a handy, functional, and customizable tool. Here’s how you can create it:

  • Open Microsoft Word, then select the menu ‘File’, ‘New’, and then ‘Template’.
  • Scroll down to find calendar template. Click the one that you pick according to your preferred format and design.
  • Personalize the calendar by customize its appearance and then input the birthday note for each corresponding date.

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How Do I Create A Birthday Calendar for My Family?

Below is the process to create a proper birthday calendar to mark your family members’ birthdays:

  • Select and download a calendar template from internet. It can be desk calendar, wall calendar, or even custom type calendar.
  • Prepare your family pictures. Decide which one that you’ll put on the calendar.
  • Decorate the calendar. To make it look livelier, add graphic elements such as clipart that also available for free to download from internet.
  • Mark the birthday dates. Enter all the important birthday information on the calendar cells.
  • Save the template in your preferred format or simply print it after you are done.

birthday list template in word

Is There an App for Birthdays?

Yes, there are a lot of apps in smartphone applications stores that offer reminders for birthdays. They provide the function just as you imagine, which is to display the upcoming birthday of your family members, friends, or colleagues in listed order dates or in calendar view. You may import information about birthday dates from contacts in your phone, from Facebook friend list, or manually input them into the application.

By using birthday list, you don’t have to face embarrassment from forgetting birthday date of people you deemed as important. The list is easy to use and most of the templates are available for free. Even if you don’t own great memory, at least you have birthday list template as a great reminder tool.

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Printable Birthday List Template Sample

birthday list template template for word

birthday list template word template free

birthday list template template free word

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