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Black and White Binder Cover Tips to Make It More Aesthetic

Why choose a plain design when you can use a black and white binder cover to make your binder more unique? Well, here is the information on why the black and white binder cover is favorable.

What Can You Use Black and White Binder Cover for?

In general, you can use binder to write many things for school work, office related things, or just what you want to express from daily life. This is also helpful to remember your subject’s material or some events in your life.

In this case, instead of a blank cover without any design, black and white binder cover has lots of cute doodles and drawings to make your binder look beautiful. You can print the cover from downloadable templates, or just make your own cover.

How to Make Black and White Binder Cover Template in PowerPoint?

Even though you can just find any cover on ready-made templates, there’s nothing wrong with to make it by yourself. When you want to make a black and white binder cover, it is best to use the software like PowerPoint.

  • First, you need to open the software and delete all boxes, so it will leave you with a blank side.
  • After that, go to the Design tab and click Format Background.
  • If you want an easy and quick motif, click on the Pattern Fill after choosing the black color on the Foreground. Now, insert any pattern or text that you want.

How Do You Decorate Black and White Binder Cover?

Since using bright colors would make your cover less artistic, choose it wisely. Therefore, it won’t come out as boring or plain. There are many ways to make the binder cover look more beautiful, such as by applying the drawing doodles. Just use a pen or a sharp marker to make it.

Beside, putting a sticker or draw sketches will also work. Paint something on your cover by using watercolor paints. They usually work well on paper covers.

How Can I Make My Binder Cover Look Cute?

Black and white colors are sometimes associated with gloomy things, so you need creative hands to make it look cute. However, this shouldn’t stop you from enhancing the cover because there are many ways to decorate it.

You can draw cute things, such as flowers, a cat’s cartoon, or even a set of words on binder cover. Learn about beautiful writing style. It will make the cover more cute and interesting to look at.

Tips to Make Black and White Binder Cover

Here are several tips on making your own binder cover.

  • You can iron the cover, so it will look more neat and tidy without any crease. However, just iron it using a considerable amount of heat – don’t burn it.
  • As alternative, use canvas fabric with black and white colors as the cover. It will look more charming when it has some details.

It’s necessary to make your cover as unique as possible because humans always like beautiful things. That’s why decorating a black and white binder cover is a must.


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