10+ Printable Blank Bar Graph Template

Making Blank Bar Graph Template with Ease

Using blank bar graph template is very common, especially in the industry where presentation and analysis are often done. If you are asked to make the graph but you have no idea how, these are the templates to help you out. There are several templates here that can be used to create a bar graph quite easily. You do not have to start everything from the start.

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What is Blank Bar Graph?

Bar graph is one of the most common types of graph. It is often used to show progress and comparison from one period of time to another. The template here is basically just a grid-like page where you can draw the graph on. The template is going to be helpful when you have to draw the graph manually, or even when you use computer, the template is still helpful.

How Do I Make A Blank Bar Graph In Word?

Microsoft Word is certainly the right software to create the graph. To make graph, you just have to go to the “insert” tab. It is displayed on the window ribbon. Then, select “chart”. After that, simply choose which one of the chart style matches your desire.

blank bar graph template in word

How Do You Make A Blank Bar Graph In Excel?

It is the same one as in Microsoft Word. However, Excel is more advanced in chart and graph. You can modify the chart into more elaborated one. If you cannot be expert at Excel, though, let the template available here to be the one making the graph.

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How Do I Create My Own Graph?

If you have the data already, you can turn them immediately into bar chart. Usually, it can be done using Microsoft Excel. Simply select all data and create a bar chat. The data will automatically get transferred into the chart bar and you just have to add additional information into the chart bar, including the numbers and narrative. Things get easier when you get blank bar graph template, of course.

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Can You Make A Graph Without Numbers?

Sure you can. However, graph is usually created to show comparison and data are surely in the form of number. This is why almost every single chart or graph will have numbers on it. If there is no number, then there will be nothing to analyze there.

What Is A Great Way To Use A Bar Chart?

The great way to use the chart is when presenting something to a bunch of people or in front of important members of the board. The chart is going to easily let you explain things like:

  • Sales and Profits
  • Company Progress
  • Interest Rates

blank bar graph template template for word

Instead of drawing the graph manually, creating them using computer is just fine. You can save plenty of time. The best thing about it is the fact that there will be so many templates to use. Pick one or two of these cool templates and by downloading the blank bar graph template, making the graph won’t be something to despise anymore.

blank bar graph template free word template

Printable Blank Bar Graph Template Sample

blank bar graph template template free word

blank bar graph template word template free

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