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Making the Blank Bingo Card Template and Its Details

Have you tried to play Bingo? It’s an interesting game everyone can play without any hassle. Moreover, you don’t need balls or dice to start with. Only with printed cards, you can play this game with your friends. To get your card, you can download and customize a blank bingo card template, then print it afterwards.

blank bingo card template in photoshop

How Many Squares are in a Bingo Card?

Generally, a bingo card has 5 columns and 5 bars – hence making it to be 25 squares in total. The columns are labeled B, I, N, G, and O respectively.

How Many Words Do You Need to Make Bingo Cards?

Bingo cards are not just about words. Numbers can also be inserted into the card. The number depends on how big you are going to make the card. The classic bingo scoreboard has 25 items, applying one topic per scoreboard. For example, if your bingo is about numbers, you can only add numbers and not other kinds of items.

blank bingo card template in psd design

How Do You Make Bingo Cards on Microsoft Word?

To make bingo cards in Microsoft Word, you can utilize blank bingo card template. That will be much easier than making the tables yourself.

However, if you plan to make your own template without downloading any templates, you may start making cards by preparing the list of words/numbers first. Then, create a table by using the feature ‘Draw tables’ and adjust the size as you need.

blank bingo card template psd template free

Then, insert the words/numbers into the boxes made from tables. You can use any types of fonts to make it, or decorate the text with any colors you like.

Once you’ve done making the contents, don’t forget to save the file. Print it directly if you are eager to play the game. That’ll be fun made fresh from the kitchen!

Can You Make Bingo Cards in Excel?

With its built-in tables, Excel can become a great app to make your bingo cards with. With each sheet you can build cards, print it and play with your friends as soon as possible.

What makes Excel great in making Bingo cards? Excel has a formula to randomize number between the lower and upper number of choices. This formula is written as ‘=RANDBETWEEN(x,y)’; with the x and y are the lower and upper limit for the number choice.

blank bingo card template template for photoshop

For example, you can make a Bingo card which contents are number at 1-999. Then you will be required to set the formula as =RANDBETWEEN(1,999) and hit Enter. Copy the formula to the boards you made with the Excel cells. Then, decorate the table to enhance the looks.

Can I Print Bingo Cards?

Of course, you can, especially if you have made your own bingo cards by using blank bingo card template. You can insert any items on your blank bingo card, either numbers or words.

To make it more interesting, you can make it colorful. It can be customized through the template or having the card printed on a colored paper.

blank bingo card template template free psd

If you decide to make a bingo card faster way, then you can make use of a blank bingo card template. Many are already decorated colorfully, making the fun enhanced even after several rounds. So, what about trying it in the weekend?


blank bingo card template in photoshop free download

Printable Blank Bingo Card Template Sample

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blank bingo card template free download psd

blank bingo card template free psd template


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