10+ Printable Blank Chart Template

Customizable Blank Chart Template to Visualize Your Data

Chart is a very useful and versatile tool to provide your data. Due to its visual nature however, most people assume that it takes a great skill to put out a great chart. While it might be true in the past times, nowadays, with the help of blank chart template, everyone can have opportunity to make this data representation in graphic format.

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What Is A Chart Template?

Chart template is a document that allows you to create visual communication in functional, easy to understand, and interesting design. Template makes it easier than ever to present data visualization in any way you prefer to. No matter what data type you are trying to deliver, using free template of chart will make sure you are off to a handy and correct foot.

How Do You Use a Chart Template?

Here are several steps to do if you want to use the provided template of chart:

  • Select the template by determining what type of chart that will be the best tool to represents your data.
  • Input the data that you have or already organize.
  • Add customization to the chart by changing the colors, background, fonts, and other design elements.
  • Download or share the chart template after you have completed to create it.

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How Do I Make A Printable Chart?

The templates are available to be print-ready. The chart is designed to have high resolution, so the printed-out version will be just as beautiful as the digital one you created. You may directly print out the chart or input it as supporting data in other software such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

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What Are the Types of Charts?

There are several blank chart template and graph template types you are able to use. Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Bar chart / graphs

The bars meant to show figures that are not related to each other. For example, it shows the numbers album sold by different bands during certain time period as comparison.

  1. Pie charts

This tool shows how an entire of something is divided into several parts. For example, it represents how you distribute your monthly allowance spending for different types of expenses.

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  1. Line chart / graphs

This type of chart is used to display how the figures of item have changed during certain period of times. For example, how the price of certain item fluctuates over a decade due to inflation.

  1. Cartesian graphs

Also known as Cartesian coordinate, this system has two axes with numbers to show the relation between two items change and affect each other. It is commonly utilized in mathematic subject.

How Do I Open a Chart Template in Excel?

You may open ‘Chart’ menu in ‘Insert’ option on toolbar. You will be shown several recommended charts by the software, but select ‘All Chart Tab’ menu instead. Locate your chart template folder and click the one that you’d like to use.

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The blank chart template available is free to download, easily customizable, and printable. Simply select one that will suit with your preference and needs, download it, and use it for your own benefits.

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Printable Blank Chart Template Sample

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