10+ Printable Blank Checklist Template

Free Downloadable Blank Checklist Template to Organize Your Tasks

Everyone has that period of time where they have overwhelming amount of work, and maybe miss out a task or two. If you have experienced this yourself, then you may want to use checklist to organize the tasks and ensure there’s nothing that you missed out. To create a quick, free, and easy checklist, check the blank checklist template and start to design an engaging and fun one.

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What Is Simple Checklist Templates?

Checklist doesn’t have to be complicated and overly designed. After all, it is meant to be a practical and simplifying tool where you list the tasks that you have to get done.

Using templates is a great way to make use of free resources that help you to begin arranging the tasks. You may find them in daily, weekly, or monthly formats.

How Do You Create a Checklist Format?

To create a checklist, make sure it contains the items below:

  1. Title

The checklist’s name or title will represent its purpose and what it is used for.

  1. Date or date range

The document must have section to write date or range of date in which the task must be completed.

blank checklist template in word design

  1. Tasks

Write what task must be done for each date. It’s also possible to include short description for each task such as its status (completed, in progress, or not started).

  1. Checklist box

Every time you have completed a certain task, put a check mark on a box according to each assigned task.

How Do I Make A Digital Checklist?

Here’s how you’re able to use blank checklist template:

  • Choose a template according to your needs and preferences.
  • Personalize the template by changing the colors or fonts as you’d like.
  • Add visual variety and interest such as graphic icons or illustrations.
  • Print the template out and put it in a place that can be easily seen such as your desk.

blank checklist template in word

What Are the Benefits of Using Checklist?

Below are some of the advantages of utilizing checklist:

  • Make you more organized by serving logical task structure.
  • Motivate you to complete the tasks by displaying your progress.
  • Get you to be more productive by completing more tasks.
  • Add your creativity by helping your brain to think more innovative ideas.

blank checklist template template free word

Does Google Have A Checklist Template?

Yes. Google is one of the many developers of checklist applications. You can either use Google Document or Google Sheet to create a checklist. Both works quite similarly to help you establish a proper checklist document. Moreover, they are both easy to use and free.

In Google Docs, you create it simply by listing your tasks and add checkbox right beside them. Meanwhile, Google Sheet lets you catalogue the tasks in tabular format and use checkbox features right beside the task items.

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You don’t necessarily need to be a graphic designer to make a functional and professional-looking checklist. Regardless of what you need it for – house chores, job, exercises, and many other things, the customizable blank checklist template will be there to help you to tackle all the tasks.

  blank checklist template template for word

Printable Blank Checklist Template Sample

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blank checklist template free word template




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