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Blank Playing Card Template to Make Your Own Personalized Playing Cards

Playing cards were initially founded in China and since then have been fully developed by various cultures. Almost everyone can now make playing cards from the most popular 52-card deck to an evolving blank playing card template that can be customized with any design elements. In this article, you will learn each step on how to create your own playing cards by using the existing layout that you can get for free.

blank playing card template in photoshop free download

How Do You Make Your Own Game Cards?

Here is the step-by-step tutorial on how to create playing cards for kids:

  • Prepare tools: a sheet of black cardboard, a pencil, a ruler, a scissor, and an eraser.
  • With a ruler, create the design of the playing cards in equal size so that they can be grabbed correctly. Apart from making it from scratch, you can also modify the ready-use blank card template.
  • Write down the words you want to use. If it’s for kids, make sure to use nouns since children are more familiar with things around them.
  • Draw a simple picture that depicts each word within the box. You can also make it more engaging to children by coloring it.

blank playing card template in photoshop

Does Microsoft Word Have a Card Template?

This program has plenty of features, including the templates to create your custom playing cards. To access this feature, you simply need to click “File” and select “New.” You will find a category of templates for many different projects.

Browse through the layouts and find the black template to create playing cards. To get a closer look at the template, you simply need to click it open.

How Do I Create a Playing Card Template in Word?

  • Open the program, click “File” > “New.” Select the “Cards” option, then locate the “Note Cards” icon and double-click it.
  • Scroll through the template designs. If you are required a blank playing card template in Word, then opt for one that doesn’t have any design elements. Then, select the “Download” option, and the template will be opened in a new worksheet.
  • Since it’s a blank template, you have the flexibility in customizing it to fit your needs, such as adding pictures, texts, graphic arts, etc.

blank playing card template in psd design

How Do I Make Playing Cards in Word without Template?

You can create your own custom cards by heading to the Insert tab, then click “Table” and decide the size of the cards you want to have. Apart from creating the tables, you can also add pictures, add text, change the background color, etc.

Can You Print on Blank Playing Cards?

First and foremost, you should get a printer that can accommodate cardboard printing. Avoid using multi-purpose paper as it is too thin, and you can’t shuffle it like the manufactured playing cards.

Once you print out the cards, cut them out using scissors and trim them by using a corner cutter. In order to make the cards can be shuffled easily, consider covering them with matte card sleeves. If you don’t like to use sleeves, you can use adhesive spray.

blank playing card template psd template free

You don’t need to have all the specific tools and materials to create your own playing cards. The only things you need to have is a blank playing card template and a sense of creativity.

blank playing card template template for photoshop

Printable Blank Playing Card Template Sample

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