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Downloadable Blank Postcard Template for Free

Using blank postcard template is the best and quickest way to make a customized postcard. A postcard is no longer used as much as before. However, it is still a great way to say hello and send news. If you need to make your own postcard, fear not for the dreadful thought of having to make the layout and design on your own. Use these templates available here instead.

blank postcard template in photoshop free download

What Is Blank Postcard Template?

The template is the one you can use to make your own postcard. It has the right size already and all you have to do is completing the postcard using images and other types of decoration that you like.

How Do I Create A Postcard Template In Word?

Most templates are available in doc format already, which means you can use them in Microsoft Word. However, if you have to make the template on your own, simply draw a rectangle using the “Insert” tab on the ribbon and the select “Shape”. Make two rectangles with the same, exact size and then fill one with images and the other one should be left blank for the messages.

blank postcard template in photoshop

How Do You Fill Out A Blank Postcard?

Filling blank postcard is very easy and fun. Basically, blank postcard template will be blank and you will have to fill out the postcard with images. The front side of the postcard should look more beautiful with the images or customized picture that you fill in. The back side is the one with the space to write the messages and address.

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Does Word Have a Postcard Template?

Word does not have particular template for the postcard. However, postcard is basically like standard rectangle-shaped card with the size of 6×4 inches. All you have to do, when you are using Word, is to draw a rectangle of that size and fill it in with pictures. It should be as good as the real postcard, even without template.

Can You Create Your Own Postcard?

To create your own postcard, you need to follow the steps:

  • Download the postcard template available here
  • Open the template using the related software/program
  • Add images and customize the size of the postcard
  • Print the postcard on postcard paper

How Do I Print A Postcard In Word?

Printing postcard in Word is something easy, actually. You will just have to adjust the size of the paper to use and the setting of the template that you need. The paper to use is certainly the postcard paper. It has the standard size of 6 inch x 4 inch (14.8 x 10.5 cm) and the thickness is just like a photo paper or a slightly thicker printing paper.

blank postcard template psd template free

To make sure you can make postcard easily at home, use any of those templates available. You can pick anything that you like from there then simply adjust the size and print them. This is why a lot of people are looking for blank postcard template as they can make the postcard according to their likings.

blank postcard template template for photoshop

Printable Blank Postcard Template Sample

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