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Making an Assessment Rubric Faster with Blank Rubric Template

Teaching is a long-life profession. Teaching does not only mean to pass knowledge from teacher to students, but also to prepare students to behave within the accepted norm. To evaluate a learning process is successful or not, teachers usually will conduct an examination or simply by giving students assignments. Teacher will make a rubric to list down the required criteria and how each criterion is achieved. A blank rubric template will help busy teachers to make the document easily.

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What is a Rubric in Teaching?

Rubric is a common tool mainly used by teachers. It is used as a document that explains the assessment criteria used in an examination and/or an assignment. Not only that, a rubric can also be employed to contain assessment criteria for evaluating students’ affective skill.

What could be seen in a Rubric?

In general, a typical rubric will have several columns and bars. This tabular document shows you each score’s description per criterion. Hence, readers will know what to improve in order to obtain a better score.

blank rubric template in word

What is a Rubric Format?

Since a rubric is mainly used to explain assessment criteria, then it is made short without any decorations. Hence, you will only find these points in a rubric:

  • Title of the rubric;
  • Columns; that are labeled with ‘Criteria/criterion’, and the grading, such as ‘below expectations, meet expectations, exceeds expectation’. Following the grading, numbers that represent the grading will be inserted as well.
  • Content; which will include the criteria being assessed and explanation for each grading category.

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How Do You Create a Rubric in Word?

If you are using Microsoft Word, there are two options you can choose in order to make your rubric. First, making the rubric manual way. This should be done by drawing out table and filling it with relevant content.

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The second trick to create a rubric is by applying a template. This method is easier to do; moreover, it is a fast trick to create a document.

How to Create a Rubric with a Template?

Many teachers will use templates that suit word-processor apps; or alternately, a spreadsheet app. Once they successfully download the blank rubric template, which file extension suits the app to open it, teachers can access and customize the template simply by launching the application first.

It is important to have a set of explanation to ease making this document. If the explanation for each criterion is already made, then the next step is to fill in the blank rubric. There should be nothing difficult for that since filling in the rubric is just like filling in a table.

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Once they’ve finished filling in the template, the next step is to save the template with a new name. This is carried out in order to make the template stay blank and directly usable for your future needs.

Downloading a blank rubric template is highly recommended if you need it to make the document quickly. Hence, you only need to explain and write each assessment criterion and what it takes to be categorized as excellence. By doing such, after a certain assignment/examination, your students will know what they should fix based on their assignment or examination results.

blank rubric template in word design

Printable Blank Rubric Template Sample

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