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Make Your Dream T-shirt Come True with a Blank Shirt Template

Customizing shirts are fun, and the best part of it is to wear your own self-creation. No need to dwell on wrong orders like you’ve experienced while shopping online. Making your own T-shirt means you can save money for another purpose. Downloading a blank shirt template surely will help you to get started.

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How Can I Make My Own Shirts for Free?

To make your own shirts for free is almost impossible unless you own the printing equipment and the blank t-shirt to print your design on. However, if you pose a question whether you can make a T-shirt’s design for free or not, then the answer is ‘Yes, you can!’ By using your own logo, image, text, or whatever artwork it is, you can place it on a shirt.

What App Can I Use to Design T-shirts?

Usually, people will use image editor application such as Photoshop or Corel Draw. Some others who are more experienced in designing may use Illustrator. There are no certain rules of using a certain app to design t-shirts; but if you are using a template to design it, then you have to use the compatible app to customize the template.

blank shirt template in photoshop

What is the Best Format for T-shirt Printing?

In order to make the T-shirt be in best quality, having the mock-up file be suitable for shirt printing will be required. So, what is the best T-shirt design format? Since it is known that for screen printing JPG and PNG are both good, you can go with those formats. In addition, EPS file format can be used as well. This one is remarkable for its great T-shirt printing results.

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How Big Should an Image be to Print on a Shirt?

The suggested size of an image to be printed on a shirt is tentative, since not all t-shirts are made the same. It is important to consider the shirt’s size before determining the image size. The larger the shirt’s size, then typically the image should be bigger as well.

How to Make Custom T-shirt with a Template?

Here’s what you can do:

  • Sketch how you want your shirt to be. Preparing for any artwork to be inserted into the template can also be done in this step.
  • Grab a blank shirt template in the color you want and install the compatible app for accessing the template.
  • Once you have the concept, it’s time to make it real. Launch the app and open the template. Then, add any artwork, text, picture, etc.
  • If needed, work on any needed adjustment for the additional ‘items’.
  • If you want to have the backside customized as well, you can add something on it.
  • Review your design. Then, export the file into any image file type – JPG, PNG, or maybe EPS.
  • You can opt to save the template or let it be unsaved.

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With a blank shirt template, you can start making your dream of wearing your self-made T-shirt comes true. It is fun to make, and once you got it ready, you will feel such a rewarding feeling. So, are you ready to make your own apparel?

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Printable Blank Shirt Template Sample

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