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How to Edit a Blank Spreadsheet Template

Spreadsheets have been a very basic feature of daily life. You may be dealing with them at the office every day. However, you may also be using one at home to list all the groceries to purchase next week. It is very convenient to create a spreadsheet for any purpose, thanks to the availability of a blank spreadsheet template that can be obtained for free from many platforms.

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What are Spreadsheet Templates in Excel?

A spreadsheet template is a pre-made table that can be used to construct a new spreadsheet with the same pre-set formulas and formatting. By using templates, you will no longer need to write the formulas or do the math since both of these aspects are already incorporated in the existing spreadsheet.

How Do I Create a Blank Template in Excel?

You don’t have to create a spreadsheet from scratch if you use a free ready-made Excel template. Select from a variety of templates, such as invoices, budget planning, or even a blank spreadsheet template. Here’s how to do it:

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Locate the “Templates” option at the top of the Office’s official page and click it.

  • Click “Excel” on the “Templates” menu.
  • Choose the blank template, select “Edit in Browser,” sign in to your account if prompted, then click “Continue.”

How to Make an Excel Spreadsheet Blank without Lines?

Aside from using a template, you can also make a blank spreadsheet yourself. Here is the quick tutorial:

  • Click the worksheet.
  • Select the “Page Layout” tab.
  • In order to show the gridlines, click the “View check” option under the gridlines. If you want to hide it, clear the “View check” option.

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How to Create a Professional Spreadsheet with a Template?

There are some tips for editing a blank template to be a well-formatted spreadsheet. First, avoid using row 1 or column A as it will make your data appear squished. Then, consider using charts as it is a great way to display data that makes it easy to understand. Also, make sure you use flat charts, or which are also known as 2D charts. Unlike 3D graphs, the flat charts have a much cleaner and modern design.

If the spreadsheet is for work purposes, try to make it more engaging by inserting the logo of your company or any images relevant to the spreadsheet’s topic. A few pictures here and there are perfect for making your spreadsheet look presentable and beneficial at the same time. Consider resizing the columns and rows to give you more decent space for the required information to be adequately legible.

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The last and the most critical step to having a well-arranged spreadsheet is to turn off the column headers and gridlines. If you construct your table correctly, you will have the borders you require without adding column or row headers and gridlines.

How to Make a Spreadsheet Blank?

  • First, you need to decide which spreadsheet you want it to be blank by changing its fill color.
  • Head to the “Font” option on the “Home” tab, then select the “Fill Color” drop-down menu.
  • Opt for the white color to get the gridlines removed.

While making well-constructed data from a blank spreadsheet template appears to be relatively easy, it actually demands a good sense of creativity.

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